Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Animal Crossing Birthday Party

I love animal crossing, it was by far my favourite game on Wii and I want the New Horizons versions, maybe when it goes on sale... and I steal my sons switch when he sleeps....

birthday animal crossing new horizons

 Well for the rest of the Animal Crossing fans here is a round-up of FREE New Horizons Animal Crossing birthday printables including invitations, circle labels, food tents, and bingo game.

Free printable Animal Crossing invitations - four different styles

animal crossing birthdays

Free printable Cupcake Toppers, can also be used as stickers for drink cups, decorations, on party favors and more!

56 Piece Animal Crossing Birthday with balloons, banners and cupcake toppers only $20.99 from Amazon

animal crossing birthday party

Free printable Animal Crossing Bingo game, with six different bingo cards and calling cards. Calling card can also double as a memory game. 

Make your own DIY animal crossing fossil piƱata with instructions from the small adventurer

And here are some Animal crossing inspired recipes for your party or gaming marathon. 

animal crossing recipes

Animal crossing donuts inspired by Tom Nook from Popcorner Reviews

Make your own Animal Crossing inspired with recipe and yotube turotial from Rosanna Pansino

Animal Crossing Pitfall Seed Coconut Jelly bites from the small adventurer 

Zucker animal corssing crepe cake Tipos Homebake's on YouTube

Animal Crossing Birthday Cake recipe from Rosanna Pansino

Animal Crossing Isabelle macaroons recipe and video tutorial from Sumopocky

Animal Crossing cupcakes from Bacon & Legs

Animal Crossing New Horizons; Issabelle's coffee recipe from Pixelated Provisions

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