Saturday, October 23, 2021

Free Printable Loki Cupcake Toppers

 I loved Loki, the only thing I didn't love was how short the season seemed... but here are some cupcake toppers if you want to have your own Loki themed birthday or watch party.

Free Loki Birthday Party Printables

Click on the image you want to download and print. 

Free Printable Loki Cupcake Toppers

Loki Cupcake Toppers

Loki Party Printables

Monday, October 18, 2021

More Animal Crossing

 So I am a little late to the party but I love Animal Crossing - New Horizon's, I was addicted to Animal Crossing on the Wii and just knew I wanted this one - the only reason it took so long was because I didn't have a Nintendo Switch... however my son does.. and he has to sleep sometimes 😁

So here are Free Animal crossing printables, DIYs, birthday party ideas, and my favourite AC related websites.  

Animal Crossing Printables

Animal Crossings - New Horizons printable activities 

Make your own Animal crossing diorama with free printables from Nintendo 

34 Free printable Coloring Pages from Kids n Fun

Animal Crossing Free Coloring Pages

Free printable Animal crossing activity sheet from Nintendo 

Free Animal Crossing Mad Libs printable from Life Family Joy

Free printable Animal crossing stationary from Nintendo 

Animal Crossing weekly planner printable from Nintendo

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp - Free Printables for Classic Happy Planner from Organized Potato

Free Animal Crossing Planner Printables

Animal Crossing - DIYs 

How to Make Animal Crossing Balloon Present Ornaments from my Pinterventures

 Make your own DIY bell bag with tutorial from Alex Lynn Crafts

Animal Crossing DIYs

Twelve free animal crossing stencils and craft ideas from

Animal Crossing Crafts

How to make Animal Crossing Gyroids from Krysanthe

Animal Horizons Goodie Bags with Free Print Out from GandaKris on YouTube

Animal Crossing Planner Guide from AusCrafts on Etsy includes Daily checklist, DIY Checklist, all guides including flowers, fish, bugs, and fossils, how to spot fake art, and even includes free updates!! Also I would love this as a gift... hunt hint..

Animal Crossing Complete Guide

Free Animal Crossing Birthday Printables including invitations, cupcake toppers, food tents, and bingo. 

Animal Crossing Birthday Ideas

Favourite Animal Crossing Websites/Resources

As I told you I just started playing Animal Crossing but here are my favourite websites so far;

For finding online friends; Nook Friends

Okay the dodo codes do fill up in like a minute and you get a lot of 'interference' but codes are added approximately every 5 minutes so if you refresh the site and try again after interference you can find a new island after like... I don't know 8 minutes? Yup super specific I know.. lol.  But it\s so worth it as some people leave out bags of coins, DIY recipes, and items... I usually try to bring some of my duplicates to drop on their island in appreciation 🤷

If you want to know what to sell to make money you can check out this Selling Price list from

Animal Crossing World -  best for latest updates, seasonal items and more... 

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Free Character Pumpkin Carving Templates

Did I mention I love Halloween? Okay okay, sorry for sounding like a broken record - but another fun Halloween activity is carving pumpkins! When my kids were small they drew on the pumpkins and I cut them out, but now they can choose their own design and cut them out themselves. Somehow I manage to choose a super complicated design that is far beyond my carving skill level every year and  use toothpicks and masking tape to hold it together lmao.. well whatever works right? 

pumpkin carving stencils

So here are hundreds of free television and movie character patterns from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, DC and more! printable pumpkin carving templates you can print out yourself. 

pumpkin carving ideas disney

Cute Pumpkin Carving

More than 50 Star Wars Pumpkin Templates - printable carving templates and painted (no carve) 

Baby Yoda pumpkin


The Avengers Printable Pumpkin Stencils from Costume Supercenter

Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2021

Loki and Scarlet witch pumpkin stencils from Halloween Costumes and lots more 2021 pop culture pumpkins including Among Us, Suicide Squad, Raya the Last Dragon and more... 

pumpkin face ideas

Black Panther free printable pumpkin Stencil

pumpkin carving templates


Justice League Pumpkin stencils

Free Printable Lego Batman Pumpkin Carving Stencils


Pop Culture Pumpkins for 2018 including Fornite, Stranger Things Demogorgon, Jurassic Park, Infinity Gauntlet, Goosebumps Slappy and more!

Pop Culture pumpkins for 2019 including Stranger Things, Joker, Maleficent and more..

pumpkin carving templates

2020 Pop Culture Pumpkin Stencils including Animal Crossing, Harley Quinn, Scooby Doo, Tiger King, Sonic and more.

And you can find more Pop Culture Pumpkins for 2013 - 2017 at Halloween Costumes blog

Free Printable Dark Crystal Pumpkin Stencils

Free Printable Horror and Villain's Pumpkin Stencils

Adams Family Pumpkin Carving Templates from This Mama Loves

Free Hotel Transylvania 3 Pumpkin Carving Templates from Simplify Live Love 

 Free Printable Paw Patrol Pumpkin Stencils

Rubble from Paw Patrol template from Pumpkin Glows

Pin this for later as I am always updating and fixing broken links, anyone else upset about the demise of the the Disney Family website? Like Seriously why??!

And if you'd rather paint or DIY your pumpkin you can find more than 75 Disney Character - No Carve Pumpkins here

Friday, October 8, 2021

Tim Burton

Tim Burton definitely has a style all of his own, gothic, horror, fantasy - lots of which are classic Halloween movies in our houses. So this year I decided to create a few new Beetlejuice inspired blog posts (and of course free printables) to go with all the Nightmare Before Christmas posts I have already created.. and added a few posts from other classics like Edward Scissorhands and Sweeney Todd as well..

Yes I am well aware this is not all of his movies but I am beginning to round up all my Halloween-ish themed posts and this is where I am starting.. Don't forget to pin this as I will be adding more movie blogs posts as I can... 

Nightmare Before Christmas 

And you can find free Nightmare Before Christmas party printables here


 Free printable Beetlejuice cupcake toppers - 8 different varieties!

Free Printable Beetlejuice Wall Art

Edward Scissor Hands

How to make your own Simple (yet Effective) Edward Scissorhands Costume for Kiddos with tutorial from Instructables 

Edward Scissor Hand Party from Lollies or Candy with recipes 

Get the tutorial for this Edward Scissor Hands inspired pumpkin from the V spot blog 

How to Make Edward Scissorhands Topiary Paper Art with instructions and free patterns from 

Get this ambrosia salad from All Roads Lead to the Kitchen inspired by  Joyce's Ambrosia salad from Edward Scissor Hand's  

Sweeney Todd

Mrs. Lovett's Famous Meat Pies from All Roads Lead to the Kitchen

Peppered Shepherd's Pie recipe from all road's to the kitchen inspired by Sweeney Todd 

Tim Burton

Tim Burton Movies Free Printable Coloring Pages from Wholesale Party Supplies 

Tim Burton Trivia a free printable from Spooky Little Halloween 

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