Saturday, June 25, 2022

Animal Crossing Crochet Patterns

 I love Animal Crossing since I purchased it for my Wii, back in 2008. I purchased the Animal Crossing New Horizon's, and steal my sons Nintendo Switch lite when he's not home so I can play lol. I had AC crochet patterns included in my Nintendo round up - but found some new ones recently so decided to give it it's own blog post. 

Animal Crossing Crochet Pattern Free

Animal Crossing Crochet Leaf

animal crossing crochet patterns

K.K. Slider from Philaeartes

Cyrus the Alpaca from Sarah Sloyer

Reese the Alpaca from Sarah Sloyer

Marina Animal Crossing Keychain Crochet pattern from Tori Story Creations

Marina from Sir Purl Grey

Animal Crossing item bag from Mooey and Friends

modern crochet patterns

Julian from Crochetemall

animal crossing fossil from A Stitch in the Dark

Stitches pattern from Hi Sheep

Flurry from Master Lauren's

Rover from Karli Keltner

Animal Crossing Crochet Pattern Free

Lily: Animal Crossing Free Crochet Pattern from Spin a Yarn Crochet

Animal crossing peach from a Hare affair

Orange and pear fruits from a Hair Affair

Apples and cherries from a Hare affair

Mini bell bag coin purse from a Hare Affair

Animal Crossing Bell Bag Crochet Pattern

Pitfall seed from A Hare Affair

Gyroids from Animal Crossing - free crochet pattern courtesy of The Craftzilla

And you can check out these Amigurumi Animal Crossing Character Patterns from WooliGT on Etsy

Friday, May 27, 2022

Free Crochet Baby Rattle Patterns

If you know someone who is expecting or has a small baby then you will want to save this round-up of adorable (and free!) baby rattle crochet patterns - which would make the perfect handmade gift.

free baby rattle crochet patterns

Amigurumi Leon Baby Rattle Free pattern by Leithygurumi

free baby rattle

Baby Rattle the Lamb Zina pdf download from Anastasia Pastuknova

baby rattle crochet

Elephant Baby Rattle crochet pattern from Raffamusa

free baby rattle crochet

Teether Crochet bunny pattern for beginners from Teenager's Notebook

free crochet baby rattle

Amigurumi Beehive Baby Rattle - Free crochet pattern from Raffamusa Designs

Two leg bunny rattle pattern from Lanukas - translated

Bubbles and Goldfish Teether Crochet Pattern from One Dog Woof

crochet baby gift

Hippo Baby Rattle crochet pattern from Amigurumi Today - free sign up required 

Deer baby rattle toy - free crochet pdf pattern download from Olya Samoseienki

crochet baby shower gift

Baby Rattles: Three Pigs and a Wolf from Amour Fou

crochet baby gift

Crochet Rabbit Rattle pattern from Von Hand Mitherz - click on Pattern Bunny Rattle for English version

crochet baby gift idea

Adorable Dino Rattle crochet pattern from Hobbii

crochet baby rattles

Hedgehog Taggie Baby Toy from 1 dog woof

crochet baby rattle toy

Rattle Princely Bunny free crochet pattern from Valentina Mindru

crochet baby rattle bunny

Crochet Animal Baby Rattles patterns from Amigurumi Today (free sign-up)

crochet baby rattle free

Pineapple Baby Rattle Teether pdf crochet pattern from Tiffany Schiek

Sunflower baby rattle crochet pattern from Emma -Louise Wilson 

Ice Cream cone rattle - free crochet pattern from Yarnspirations 

Fish rattle crochet pattern from Anne Bank Nielsen

Bunny rattle crochet pattern from Carla Mitrani on Ravelry 

crochet baby rattle free

Teddy Bear rattle crochet pattern from Top Crochet Patterns

Puppy Rattle Crochet pattern from Lilleliis

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Free Printable Turning Red Invitations

 I totally enjoyed the Turning Red movie, me like a Disney movie - yeah you're surprised 😏 and a movie that was set in Canada was also a nice change, at first I thought she was a fox but my 10 year old daughter quickly corrected me that she was a red panda. 

Turning Red free Birthday Printables

I created three versions of Turning Red birthday party invitations for all the kids who request a Turning Red themed birthday or movie watch party. Click on the link or image of the page you want and you can download them free from Google Drive, print them on a standard size piece of paper, thicker paper like cardstock would probably work better and and cut out. 

Turning red free printables

Turning Red Birthday Party

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