Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Free Pride LGBTQ Printables

 Hey it's Pride Month and I just realized I didn't have any free Pride or LGBTQ free printables on my blog yet, so without further ado: four free rainbow pride circle labels, for pride month and all year long.

gay pride month

Click on the text or image to download free from Google Drive. 

pride 2021

Pride printables

Pride Party

Pride Party printables

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Friday, June 11, 2021

Paw Patrol: The Movie free printable invitations

My kids are getting older my youngest is nearly eight, but they used to love Paw Patrol, and it's my nephew's favourite so in anticipation of Paw Patrol: The movie release in August I decided to create some free printable party invitations with images from the movie.

Paw Patrol: The Movie Birthday Printables

I created two different versions of invitations and they are different from the usual style I create because the photos I liked were landscape so hopefully you like them. 😁

Paw Patrol: The Movie free printable party invitations

I like to try to size them to a standard sheet of paper for easier printing so you can download these here, and cut them out. 

Paw Patrol: The Movie Birthday Party

Download  → Paw Patrol Puppies

Paw Patrol: The Movie Free Printables

 I also created some large movie logo circle labels. These are great to cut out and attach to paper bags for loot bags for the kids to take home. I usually buy them at the dollar store but you can also purchase from Amazon and they come in a multitude of colours. 

Paw Patrol movie birthday printables

I was considering putting two lines for "where" on the invitations as addresses can be long but figured people could write smaller... what do you think? You can comment on Facebook as I turned my blog comments off as they were 90% spam.   

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Free Cutest Little Mermaid printables

 I love holidays and birthdays, I think I just love giving people gifts, I have a terrible memory but for some reason remember the oddest things like how someone mentioned they liked a certain candy, or needed a new whatever 9 months ago. Although I struggle at waiting to the actual day, my boyfriend get's his Christmas presents in November, and all the kids get at least one early gift. But as fun as birthday's are they can get expensive! That's why I love freebies, and of course sharing all my designs. Here is a cutest little mermaid birthday theme - including free invitations and circle labels. And if you need party supplies, you can find matching ones in my Zazzle shop!

Free printable invitations you can fill in by hand, if you want to edit them on the computer just add a large white box over the bottom and add the birthday details. 

free printable mermaid birthday invitations

I started adding my website to my free printable previews as people were sharing the images without linking back, but you can download free from drop box without the website, or at least in a spot you can trim off. 

free mermaid birthday invitations

mermaid birthday party ideas

And you can find matching party supplies, including paper plates, napkins, balloons and more in my Average Mom Zazzle Shop. 

Friday, May 21, 2021

Free Watercolor Baby Animal Circle Labels

 Free printable cute watercolor baby animal circle labels with floral embellishments, great for baby showers, birthdays, and more!

animal baby shower printables

I love making circle labels, which are often called cupcake toppers because they are so versatile - they can be used as cupcake toppers (obviously), but can also be added to paper cups, favor bags and more. Click on the image below to download free from dropbox and print. 

giraffe baby shower

free baby shower printables

free jungle animal baby shower printables

free elephant baby shower printables

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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Free Printable Kawaii Coloring Pages

I love everything Kawaii, and my daughter is following in my footsteps requesting Kawaii themed  room décor for her b-day, and you know what's even better than Kawaii? Free kawaii! Check out these super cute and free printable Kawaii themed coloring pages. 

Free Kawaii coloring pages

Please click on the text link to get the full resolution coloring pages. 

Free Coloring Page with Kawaii food and sweets all smushed together from Tatyana Deniz

Kawaii Coffee free coloring page from Kate Hadfield 

Cute Polka Dot mushroom from Sugar Hai

easy Kawaii coloring pages

Free printable Kawaii pages to color from Tatyana Deniz

Kawaii coloring pages girl

Icecream Kitty coloring page from SugarHai

Free printable Kawaii llama coloring page from LJ Knight

Kawaii Veggies Coloring page from Kate Hadfield

Kawaii coloring pages for adults

Printable cupcake bookmarks from Red Ted Art

Free coloring page from Tatyana Deniz

Free Letter C coloring page from LJKnight

cute Kawaii coloring page free printable

Free printable BunnyCake coloring page from SugarHai

Kawaii food coloring pages free printable

7 page Kawaii coloring books from Tasty Peach, free on Gumroad. 

Free Kawaii doodle adult coloring page from Muse Printables

cute Kawaii coloring page printable

Free Kawaii coloring pages from Wild Olive

Kawaii Sushi Coloring Page from Muse Printables

Kawaii food coloring pages printable

MOMJI - free printables 

Free printable Blossom Coloring Page

Coloring poster download featuring Dr. Love and Chemistry

Dress your own Momji free printable (if you don't see the box to enter your email, use a different browser)

Momiji Explore Blind Box Toy Series

And if you are looking for more Kawaii DIYs check out this roundup of Kawaii inspired crafts

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Free Printable My Hero Academia Invitations

 My daughter loves My Hero Academia, and her twin brother is also a fan. So for their birthday this summer I am planning a My Hero Academia themed birthday. 

And as always I have to have several options lol. So I put two invitations on a standard size piece of paper so you can easily print it from your home printer. Click on the option you want, download free from dropbox and print. 
my hero academia birthday printables

my hero academia free birthday printables
my hero academia free printables,

my hero academia birthday party,

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