Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Free Pokemon Crochet Patterns - Part 2

 I am always updating my posts and recently updated my list of free Pokemon crochet patterns so here is part two; Pokemon characters from M to Z. Scroll to the bottom of this post to find the first part. 


Magikarp from Crochetnanigans

Get a free Marill Pattern from Sabrina Sommers 

Get Meowth from Cathrine Johansson on Ravelry

Metapod crochet pattern from Cindy Tran

Mudkip from Crochetnanigans

Oddish Pokemon from Cindy Tran 

Get this free Pachirisu pattern from Sabrina Sommers

Get this free  Pikachu crochet pattern from Sabrina Sommers

Get this Pikachu and pod pattern free from Amiamour

Another Pikachu from 53 Stitches

Amigurumi Pikachu in Umbreon Sleeping Bag from Delinlea

Piplup Amigurumi Pattern from Loopy Catherine

Psyduck Amigurumi Crochet pattern from Ami Amour

Raichu pattern from knotbadami

Sewaddle crochet pattern from Crochet Fanatic

Sentret Pokemon crochet pattern from Loopy Cathrine

Shiny Psyduck Pokemon Amigurumi Pattern from Loopy Catherine

Sabrina Sommers offers this free Skitty crochet pattern on her website

Smoochum Amigurumi Crochet pattern from Strings Away

Get this Snorlax Amigurumi pattern free from Knotbadami

Snorlax pattern from Miahandcrafter

Spheal Amigurumi Crochet pattern from Loopy Catherine

Spoink Amigurumi crochet pattern from Loopy Catherine

Squirtle squad pattern from khookcreations

Sudowoodo pokemon crochet pattern from Lojamilomilo

Sunflora pokemon crochet pattern from lojamilomilo

Swinub Crochet Pattern from Michelle Hall

Sylveon from 53stitches

Sabrina Sommers offers this Teddiursa crochet pattern for free 

Torchic Amigurumi crochet pattern from Loopy Catherine

Treecko Amigurumi Crochet pattern from Strings Away

Get this Totodile pattern from Crochetemall

Umbreon from 53stitches

Vaporeon from 53 Stitches

Vaporeon by Crochetemall

Venusaur crochet pattern from khookcreations

Voltorb Amigurumi Crochet Pattern from Loopy Catherine

Vulpix from Chrochetnanigans

Wobbuffet Amigurui Pattern crochet pattern from Strings Away

Wooper Amigurumi crochet pattern from Loopy Catherine

Wooper plushie from Wolf Dreamer

Pokemon egg crochet pattern from Learning to love Fiber


Buneary crochet hat pattern from Crochet with Melanie

Drifloon crochet hat from Crochet with Melanie

Pikachu hat from crochet with melanie

Snorlax hat from crochet with Melanie

Snorlax hoodie crochet pattern from khookcreations

Free crochet Pokemon Eevee Coffee Cup Cozy pattern from Enchanted Ladybug

Crochet Pokeball Drawstring Bag from Ami Amour

And more than 1000! Free crochet patterns from movies, video games and television shows here, as I am always updating so make sure you pin it for later. 

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