Monday, November 9, 2020

Animal Crossing New Horizons Cupcake Toppers

 Animal crossing was by far my favourite game when I got my Wii, and now that there is a new Animal Crossing I totally want it! I am actually considering buying it for myself and 'borrowing' my son's switch when he's not home LOL. 

Animal Crossing Birthday

So here are some Animal Crossing cupcake toppers, use them however you like, just don't share them without linking back to this page please. 

There are 15 different characters and the animal crossing logo. If I get interest I will add more characters. Just click on the text under the page you want to download, and then you can print them off. 

Animal Crossing Birthday Party

Animal Crossing Birthday Printables

Free Animal Crossing Birthday Printables

Animal Crossings - New Horizon Birthday

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