Monday, January 18, 2021

Free Angry Birds Crochet Patterns

 Angry Birds is still a classic phone game, last night I look over and my bf is playing it on his iPhone lol. Something about throwing flying birds towards towers of pigs is oddly satisfyingly. So for all the Angry bird fans out there here is a round-up of 25+ angry birds and pigs crochet patterns. 

free Angry Birds crochet patterns

Red Angry bird crochet pattern from Shvetsova Olga

Angry Birds crochet patterns

Angry birds Stella Crochet pattern from Solmuteoriaa

Angry Birds - Black bird crochet pattern from Adorable Amigurumi

Fur Bird Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern from Craft Passion

Angry Bird Space Version - Purple triangle bird aka Laser bird free amigurumi crochet patterns from Mazkwok

Red angry bird crochet pattern from Lanos y Ovillos

Angry birds - Pig crochet pattern from Ravelry

Angry Birds - Blue Bird free crochet pattern from Adorable Amigurumi

Green angry bird crochet pattern from Lanos y Ovillos

Angry Birds yellow crochet pattern from Ravelry

Angry Birds: the space blue angry bird crochet pattern from Teresa Alvarez

Angry Birds Green Pig crochet pattern from Paula Virmasalo

Angry Birds - White Bird from Adorable Amigurumi

Angry Birds Cardinal free pdf download from Adorable Amigurumi

Yellow Angry Bird crochet pattern from Snacksies Handi Craft Corner

Angry Birds - Boomerang Green Bird crochet pattern from Ravelry

Red Angry bird ornament crochet pattern from Cocoon et Kaktus translated from French

Stella Angry Bird crochet tutorials from Cocoon and Kaktus

Angry Bird Space version - black bird aka Fire Bomb Bird free amigurumi crochet pattern from Mazkwok

Red Angry Bird crochet pattern from Abbygurumi

White Angry Bird Crochet pattern from Lanos y Ovillos

Angry Birds Yellow bird crochet pattern download from Paula Virmasalo

Angry Bird Pig hat crochet pattern from Crafty Kiwi Chick

Red Angry Bird crochet pattern from Lilleliis

Bomb Angry Bird Crochet Hat pattern from Gifted Paws

Yellow Angry Bird Hat Crochet pattern from Crafty Kiwi Chick

Angry Bird Red hat crochet pattern from Gifted Paws 

Angry Birds - Green Pig crochet beanie pattern from Crafter Chick

And you can find more than 1000! Free crochet patterns from movies, video games and television shows here, as I am always updating so make sure you pin it for later. 

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