Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Free Printable 2022 Animal Crossing Calendar

I have been somewhat addicted to Animal Crossing lately ever since the 2.0 update... with the new island, Harvey's Co-op and addition of cooking DIYs and well also I caved... and purchased the Happy Paradise update.  

So I began thinking of the new year which is actually fairly proactive for me, who seems to always be running behind and with the thought of January approaching I wanted to design calendars... I just finished my 2022 Fortnite version and was thinking of what I should make next, I asked my daughter who is still thinking on it, but I decided upon Animal Crossing as it's what I am currently into.. 

So without further ado here is my 2022- 12 month Animal Crossing calendar...

Free Printable Animal Crossing 2022 Calendar

Of course I appreciate you sharing with credit and link back and so I created a few months of previews with my blog address on the bottom so you can see what the calendar will look like.

    Free 2022 Animal Crossing Calendar

Scroll to the bottom and you can download the whole 12 month AC calendar without my blog url. 

Free 2022 Animal Crossing Printable Calendar

I tried to find seasonal images for October and December month and think they are my two favourite months of the calendar. 

Free 2022 Animal Crossing Calendar Printable

I also added one AC Happy Homes Paradise Image - because I figured it was an extension of New Horizons. 

Free Animal Crossing New Horizons Calendar

And you can download the whole 12 month Animal Crossing - New Horizons calendar here 

2022 Animal Crossing Calendar Printable

So what do you think of the calendar? What are you favourite or least favourite months? Let me know on my FB page..

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