Friday, November 12, 2021

Free Printable 2022 Riverdale Calendar

 I used to be obsessed with Riverdale - I was betty one Halloween. But I have to admit I still haven't watched the current season.. I think it's my A.D.D. that makes my struggle watching more than 2 possible 3 episodes of anything but creating this calendar has made me want to get back into watching it. 

Free Printable 2022 Riverdale Calendar

My son sometimes asks me what I am making on the computer so I told him a Riverdale calendar which he hasn't heard of at 8, so I told him they were based on the Archie comics, I showed him a pic as we still have a couple of the originals lying around the house... any way's he said Nice! High praise coming from him especially when it's not Fortnite related lol   

Free Riverdale Calendar

Here are a few previews of the months I created. 

Free 2022 Riverdale Calendar

The download doesn't have the blog url on them so please give credit back 😊

And you can download the whole 2022 Riverdale calendar here

And if you are looking for more free Riverdale Printables you can check out this round-up of free invitations, cupcake toppers, bingo, Happy Planner printables and more!

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