Monday, October 18, 2021

More Animal Crossing

 So I am a little late to the party but I love Animal Crossing - New Horizon's, I was addicted to Animal Crossing on the Wii and just knew I wanted this one - the only reason it took so long was because I didn't have a Nintendo Switch... however my son does.. and he has to sleep sometimes 😁

So here are Free Animal crossing printables, DIYs, birthday party ideas, and my favourite AC related websites.  

Animal Crossing Printables

Animal Crossings - New Horizons printable activities 

Make your own Animal crossing diorama with free printables from Nintendo 

34 Free printable Coloring Pages from Kids n Fun

Animal Crossing Free Coloring Pages

Free printable Animal crossing activity sheet from Nintendo 

Free Animal Crossing Mad Libs printable from Life Family Joy

Free printable Animal crossing stationary from Nintendo 

Animal Crossing weekly planner printable from Nintendo

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp - Free Printables for Classic Happy Planner from Organized Potato

Free Animal Crossing Planner Printables

Animal Crossing - DIYs 

How to Make Animal Crossing Balloon Present Ornaments from my Pinterventures

 Make your own DIY bell bag with tutorial from Alex Lynn Crafts

Animal Crossing DIYs

Twelve free animal crossing stencils and craft ideas from

Animal Crossing Crafts

How to make Animal Crossing Gyroids from Krysanthe

Animal Horizons Goodie Bags with Free Print Out from GandaKris on YouTube

Free 2022 Animal Crossing calendar - 12 numbered months with different images for each month

Animal Crossing Planner Guide from AusCrafts on Etsy includes Daily checklist, DIY Checklist, all guides including flowers, fish, bugs, and fossils, how to spot fake art, and even includes free updates!! Also I would love this as a gift... hunt hint..

Animal Crossing Complete Guide

Free Animal Crossing Birthday Printables including invitations, cupcake toppers, food tents, and bingo. 

Animal Crossing Birthday Ideas

Favourite Animal Crossing Websites/Resources

As I told you I just started playing Animal Crossing but here are my favourite websites so far;

For finding online friends; Nook Friends

Okay the dodo codes do fill up in like a minute and you get a lot of 'interference' but codes are added approximately every 5 minutes so if you refresh the site and try again after interference you can find a new island after like... I don't know 8 minutes? Yup super specific I know.. lol.  But it\s so worth it as some people leave out bags of coins, DIY recipes, and items... I usually try to bring some of my duplicates to drop on their island in appreciation 🤷

If you want to know what to sell to make money you can check out this Selling Price list from

Animal Crossing World -  best for latest updates, seasonal items and more... 

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