Monday, April 13, 2020

Things for Adults to Do

Well the kids are getting bored and honestly so am I, so here are some activities for the childless adults or the ones with shared custody or who manage to get the littles to sleep or 15 minutes to themselves and a few family activities as well!

things to do when you are bored and stuck at home

Growing vegetables from scraps and seeds - check out 20 vegetables you can grow from scraps from Rural Sprout

paint nails - try a crazy design, who's going to see? luckily as my quarantine nails are atrocious with half grown out acrylics

use one of those face masks you had forever

try a new makeup tutorial on YouTube - be adventurous

Make paper flowers with a tutorial from the craft patch

indoor activities at home

Watch a living room concert featuring your favourite artists like Billie Eilish, Elton John, Backstreet Boys and tons more!

take a virtual tour of twelve different famous museums 

Have a virtual paint nite with Yaymaker - $15 a class

Learn how to draw from YouTube

Read a book - Check out over 50,000 free ebooks from Many Books which you can read online or download, which titles like Pride and Prejudice and the Adventures of Sherlock

use the biore strips you have left over in the back of the drawer

or some other natural remedy to remove those stubborn white heads, it can't just be me

try a new recipe from Pinterest or Tasty

Take an Inca Trail Virtual marathon, you can sign-up solo or with friends or work mates

bored in the house

build a jig saw puzzle

build a kit like legos or RC, I started building my sons 1000+ piece Harry Potter lego castle he never built...

dust off your old board games, and play some monopoly or risk

and if you don't have any (or you already played them all twelve times) you can print Cards Against Humanity; Family Edition for 8+ for free

Asmodee also offers free print and play versions of some of their most popular family games

websites to go on when bored

play card games, one of my favourite is Skip-bo or Double Solitare as we called it in highschool

organize closet - watch organizing chick for inspiration

create a happy planner where you can write your thoughts, goals and what your gratitude for- check out where to find awesome free printables here

free planner printables

Read free online magazines from Discount Mags; including Real Simple,People, In Style and tons more popular titles

netflix marathon, and when you are bored of netflix check out other free tv services;

Crackle, Tubi, CW (US only) Global (Canada Only)

take an online course, ExploreFutureLearn has a wide variety of short online courses.

listen to your favourite stories with audible which is currently free

join an online fitness class

Read free Marvel comics from comixology

do some trivia, there are several trivia quizzes on BuzzFeed

Take a ride on a roller coaster with Virtual Disney World or you can check out a show or the park.

Hook up your old console in the back of your closet and play some classic video games

read your horoscope... and your spouses and your cats...

create a scrapbook with that shoe box full of old photos

 or create a digital scrapbook

things to do while bored at home

Watch live web cams of the pandas, penguins, tigers and koalas at Edinburgh Zoo or from the Georgia Aquarium  where you can watch the jelly fish, otters, penguins, sea lions, piranhas and more aquatic animals in real time.

tick tock video - yup they may seem immature for us 35 plusers but by day 20 I am ready to try to recreate those dances

origami, I can create a frog that hops - tutorial coming sometime lol

Make fruit themed crafts with over 50 crafts and printables which will hopefully make it feel like summer

play battle shot - it's like battle ship but with shots. You need to be careful with this one lol 

light some candles, use a bath bomb you have been saving and have a relaxing bath

Have a watch party

Work on your mental health with a free online stress management program from Shoppers 
access code: SHOPPERS

Make a vision board

Read the 597 emails in your personal email account, or at least clear it out

organize that huge pile of paperwork you have, I have one on top of the microwave, and downstairs and in the dining room.. which I call my "piles of organization"

Make up silly lyrics to your favourite tune, then post it on youtube

Take a virtual tour of 33 National Parks

Check out Harry Potter at Home

Have a pet photo shoot, and dress your pet up in a ridiculous outfit and take photos

Play free video games from Epic Games with a free game every week

things to do when bored and stuck at home

Can play one of the free video games from

Watch an online stream of a famous musical

Go for a walk, bike ride or on a hike

Take a ride on a roller coaster with Virtual Disney World or you can check out a show or the park.

Check out virtual nightclubs on Facebook

And don't forget to Pin this post for later as I will be updating it frequently.

things to do when your bored and stuck at home

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