Co-Vid Resources

It's hard to do certain things that we usually take for granted like go to the grocery store; there is a line-up around the block, things are sold out and my anxiety is through the roof, so I want to use this page to create a list of resources for kids and adults. Eventually I want to have resources per city as it varies so if you have a list of available services in your city you can email me at kristenstevens@live(dot)com and I will add them as I can.

When you do have to go out you can find a ton of (non medical grade) masks likes these Disney themed ones from Northern Neverland

Working at Home Resources

Since a lot of us are working remotely I thought you could liven up your Zoom meetings with this list of over 100 TV show, movie and cartoon inspired Zoom backgrounds. 

zoom backgrounds free

Groceries: or are great for pantry items, condiments and snacks. I'm actually so glad I have Prime right now as it would have cost me $60 to ship and instead is free not to mention you get the television app included. or - living in a small Canadian city Walmart grocery isn't available to me which I found out AFTER spending 1.5 hours creating a huge list so check before you buy but they still send anything considered non grocery to my house so I purchased toys for the kids this year instead of chocolate. - you can purchase formula, cereal, baby food or meals, and bundles such as starting solids bundles, trying textures, organic super snacks and more for approximately $35. Click here for free shipping over $49 plus a free gift or subscribe and save 10%.

Kids Activities:

Hundreds of free Activity and Printables for Kids Stuck Indoors including free Learning Resources and online games

Adults Activities

Bored and Stuck Inside - 60+ Activities for Adults including free books, tv apps, free printable board games, virtual tours, crafts, living room concerts, free online games, and tons more!

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