Saturday, April 11, 2020

100s of kids activities when they are stuck indoors

It's not easy keeping kids occupied, trying to teach them while school's out, trying to work from home AND keep our sanity so here are Hundreds of activities and free printables for Kids when stuck in doors to hopefully help you out when you need to have 12 minutes to yourself.

quarantine activities for kids

Tons of Disney Pixar carfts and free printable activities

Make a blanket fort, even just throwing a sheet over the kitchen table works

Toilet paper crafts  check out these free printables and instructions to make your favourite characters out of toilet paper rolls

indoor activities for kids at home

Play Hide and Go Seek - I don't think you need an explanation for this classic

Free printable bingo in several different themes. I usually make this a little more interesting by giving a 'snack size' treat to the winner. 

Bake some cookies, or make a garden salad or even jello - it's just fun making recipes together with the kids!

Get more than 15 free alphabet activities

free alphabet printables

Make a jig saw puzzle

Find 100 different Pretend Play printables and play store, doctor on one of the other dozens of options

Play Charades, simply write actions or movies on a piece of paper fold them in half and put them in a hat, or small box.

Here are some of my family's favourite Board Games

or you can print out your own here; 13 free printable board games 

activities for kids to do at home

Paint your kids fingernails, or have them paint yours (or your toes) which you can then hide with socks lol

My girls love their My Life dolls and you can have even more fun with 100+ free American Doll sized printables

kids activities at home

Read your kids a book or if they are a little older have them read you one

Watch a show on Disney+ or Netflicks

Design your own tsum tsum with free printable templates 

activities to do at home with kids

coloring, activity books or water painting

Play pin the tail on Games with free printables

at home activities for kids

Minute to Win It games with simple household items - find the rules here

fun activities for kids at home

Put your favourite music on YouTube and have a dance party

Pokemon crafts for Kids

home activities for kids

Sing Karaoke - I love the Disney songs on YouTube

And here are some Fun and free Learning Resources and Online Games for Kids

Fun Learning Activities for Kids

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