Sunday, October 15, 2017

free 2018 planner

I am not an organized person by nature but am trying to be as life can be hectic with a full time job, two young kids, extra curricular activities and blogging on the side so I created a 2018 planner to try to get myself a little more organized in 2018 and wanted to share all the planner pages and calendar with you for free.

planner 2018

Planner 2018 title page

free printable 2018 planner

I don't know about you but I always have a  million task on my to do lists so you can organize them all here. To Do List

2018 monthly planner

And here is a password printable to keep track of the 18 million different password you have... or there abouts.

free password printable

free 2018 planner pages

And because I thought that lacked a little luster here is an additional notes page...

notes printable

Weekly Planner - I am always running to the grocery store for last minute items so I decided to plan my meals out for the week and go grocery shopping on Sunday instead.

menu plan printable

free 2018 vertical calendar to plan out your life

2018 printable calendar

Or if you prefer I also created a Horizontal Calendar I like this one to put on the fridge and the vertical one to include in my binder.

And for my fellow bloggers: Here are free blogging printables

2018 blog planner

And be sure to pin this for later as I will be adding eve more planner printables.

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  1. These are so fresh and pretty and just gives me the feeling of newness! Thank you for all you do!


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