Thursday, June 8, 2017

2018 blog planner

I just finished creating a calendar for 2018 and wanted to update my blog planner I have included a cover page, a place to keep track of your link party posts, passwords, income tracker, weekly blog planner, to do list, future blog ideas and affiliate printables.

2018 blog planner

I saved all the printables to drop box, so hopefully you have no problem printing them.

free 2018 blog planner

or here is the blue option for the cover page

free printable 2018 blog planner

free 2018 vertical calendar to plan out all your posts

2018 printable calendar

And here is a printable affiliate list so you can keep track of the companies, websites, used I.D. and passwords. And not lose everything when your computer crashes.

free affiliate printable

Link Party printable - so you can keep track of which blog posts you shared at which party.

free link party printable

Or if you prefer to record the link parties you have added your newest blog post to, I created a printable with the blog post first.

link party list printable

And if you are looking for more link parties to join you can find a link party directory - I created sorted by date and time.

list of link parties

An Income Tracker printable - so you can keep track of all your money.

free blog income printable

And here is a password printable to keep track of the 18 million different password you have... or there abouts.

free password printable

And a weekly blog planning printable - with weekly schedule, to do list and upcoming post ideas.

free weekly blog planner

Future Blog Post Ideas - so you don't forget any of those fleeting brilliant ideas you have...

future blog post ideas
Blog to Do's... there is always a huge list of things to do for your blog from updates, replies, affiliates and more so you can keep track of all of them here.

blog to do list

And don't forget to pin this post as I will be adding even more free blog printables soon! And feel to leave a comment if you were looking for a specific printable and I'll do my best to create it.


  1. Impressive! You sure are organized!

  2. I just love blog planners and I have previously used some of yours. Thanks for creating and sharing these!

  3. i was trying to download from dropbox and it's giving me bad urls. supersad

    1. Was the a certain one? As it seems to work when I click on it.


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