Monday, May 22, 2017

Moana Alphabet Banner

I got a lot of requests for Moana letter banners after I created a Moana Happy Birthday banner as people wanted to spell out their children's names at their birthday, so I decided to create a Moana Alphabet banner so now you can write whatever you desire. 

Moana banner

I also added the blank and character banners as well. 

Moana alphabet banner

Moana party printables

Moana printables

free Moana party printables

Sunday, May 21, 2017

2018 Monthly Calendar

I like printing out my yearly calendars every year for two reasons:
 1. They are a lot cheaper than buying them at the store and 
2. I also find them easier to write on then store bought or photo calendars.

2018 monthly calendar

So I decided to created a colourful Brush Font calendar - where each month is a different calendar and every page has space to write notes or to do's down. And I need to write absolutely everything down or else I will forget.

free printable 2018 monthly calendar

free 2018 calendar printable

2018 calendar pdf

I saved it to Google Drive so you can just print out the whole calendar together. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

2018 pink horizontal calendar

I created a few vertical 2018 calendars which are great for putting in a binder but I like the horizontal calendars for hanging on the fridge. 

free printable 2018 monthly calendar

You can add birthdays, appointments, meal plans, bills due or paid - I personally need to write everything down as I have the memory of a goldfish...

free printable 2018 calendar
free printable 2018 horizontal calendar
2018 calendar to print

And I saved them to Google Drive so you can print the calendar all at the same time as I haven't figured out how to upload multiple pages to dropbox yet...

Thursday, May 18, 2017

2018 Blue Vertical Calendar

Okay so I might be a bit early creating these 2018 calendars but it's better than a week late... like all the birthday cards I sent out... I also created a pink version but blue has always been my favourite colour.

free printable 2018 vertical calendar

These are great for hole punching and puting in a binder, or even for hanging on your fridge for all your appointments and reminders.

2018 monthly calendar

free printable 2018 monthly calendar

You can jot down all your notes and to dos.. in the white space.

free 2018 monthly calendar

I saved them to Google drive so you can print the whole 12 months easily... please let me know if you have any issues.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

2018 Pink vertical calendar

Perhaps a little early but for those organized people here is a pink vertical 2018 calendar great for hanging on the fridge or hole punching and putting in a binder.

free printable 2018 vertical calendar

There is enough space to write down birthdays, appointments or reminders. And you can jot down notes in the white space.

free printable 2018 calendar

Here is a preview of a couple of months:

2018 free printable calendar

2018 monthly calendar

2018 free monthly calendar

I downloaded them to Google Drive and they are in PDF format so hopefully its easy enough to download. Thought it would be a pain if I saved them page by page to dropbox. So I hope you enjoy and leave a comment if you have any issues printing or downloading it. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Sing Food Ideas

I loved the movie Sing, the singing was so good and all the animals were so cute! And also was so happy that the kids wanted to watch something other than Trolls for a change...

sing food ideas

Find the recipe for Buster Moon Koala Cookies on Cutefetti

sing movie food ideas

Make your own Sing popcorn as seen on Two Sisters Crafting

sing food ideas

Make Sing cupcake microphones as seen on Skip to my Lou

sing movie party ideas

Liz from Eat Move Make has made these delicious looking Sing inspired cupcakes.

sing cupcakes

You can make these Ash Porcupine cookies with the recipe from Savvy Saving Couple

food ideas for a Sing movie party

I love this DIY Koala Krispy treats idea from Mom Endeavors

sing movie party

Dawn from Cutefetti has created these cute oig cookies inspired by Sing

sing movie cookies

What kid wouldn't love a Buster Moon Freak shake like this one from Lolly Jane. And aren't we all kid at heart anyways?

sing party food

I love these Sing movie Chocolate Covered Oreos animal cookies from Tatertots and Jello

sing birthday party

Jessica from Young at Heart mommy has created these Rosita cakes using pink snowballs. MMmm...

sing movie food

Make some pink popcorn and grab these printable popcorn boxes from Spaceships and Laserbeams

sing party ideas,

And check out this post on Everything you need for a Sing Party

sing party theme

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Donut Day

 National Donut Day which falls on the first Friday of June is approaching so I decided to create a round-up of my absolutely favourite donut crafts!

donut craft round up

You can grab these donut party printables including: donut cupcake toppers, ice-cream cone wraps, doughnut gift tags and donut wrapping paper free from Kara's Party

free donut printables,

Check out this DIY donut bracelet from Oh My! Creative with a step by step tutorial.

DIY donut crafts

Check out how to make these mini donut pinatas from Little Inspiration

diy doughnut crafts

 diy donut accessories

Make your own DIY Donut platter with instructions from Well Kept Chaos

donut day ideas,

Make polymer clay donut charms or rings with step by step instructions from e-how

diy donut necklace

Make a donut pin cushion with free template and instructions from Laura at Wrapped up in Rainbows

donut gift ideas

Make your own donut pillow by following the steps on Little Inspiration

national donut day

Make your own donut sunglasses with tutorial from Studio DIY

doughnut crafts for adults

Make your own donut tote bag with instructions from Amber from Damask Love

donut crafts for adults

DIY Sprinkle Doughnut Bath Bombs from Soap Queen

donut bath bombs

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