Friday, January 15, 2021

Animal Crossing Food Labels

 I loved animal crossing when it came out on Wii it was my favorite game, and I totally want to buy New Horizons. Both my boys got a Nintendo Switch for Christmas and I'm considering buying it for myself to play when there not home 😏as they currently want to play nothing else besides Fortnite. 

Animal Crossing Birthday Printables

But for all the kids who wants a Animal Crossing birthday I have created some food labels or maybe they are called food tents, I don't know. I created two different version so you can't print the one you want and either write the food names by hand or edit online with photo editing software. 

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Free Among Us Crochet Patterns

Apparently Among Us is the new trendy video game, my step daughter plays it and I looked it up I guess you have to find the imposter out of all the crewmates. Almost sounds like a modern day murder mystery. Don't tell the kids I said that or else they won't think it's cool anymore.  I am having trouble keeping up lately. I feel like I use to be "with it" and now I am getting more and more oblivious to the newest trends. Oh well I guess that's a part of aging and mom life.  

Free Among Us crochet Patterns

And for all you who want to crochet Among Us character for gifts, your children's or yourself here are 25+ free crochet pattern, and don't forget to pin this for later as I am always trying to update my posts. 

Free among us Amigurumi pattern from Ami Amour

Among Us crochet patterns

Among Us amigurumi patterns from Cafe del Craft

Among Us Amigurumi crochet pattern from Paint it Colorful

Among Us Crewmate free crochet pdf download from Ashlee Jackson

Among U Accessories free crochet patterns from Cafe Del Craft including top hat, brain slug, chef hat, flower crown, ninja headband. police hat and more!

Among Us crochet

Among Us Standing Mini Pet crochet pattern from Codi Hudnail

Small Among Us Keychain pattern from Irma Gramberg

Free Among us Crochet pattern from Crochety Amigurumis  translated from Spanish

large Among Us crewmate crochet pattern from Spikey Mermaid Crafts

Among Us Dead Body Amigurumi from Codi Hudnail

Among Us inspired crochet pattern from Ariana Hall

Among Us Imposter Crewmate Amigurumi from Codi Hudnail 

Among Us Mini Crochet Amigurumi pattern from Gratia Project

Free Among Us Pocket Astronaut Crochet Pattern from Crochet Verse 

Among Us Crewmate coffee cup cozy from Enchanted Ladybug

Among Us Imposter, Free Crochet Amigurumi pattern from Ninja Cat Crafts

Among Us character toy from Ana Barreira

Among Us free crochet PDF download pattern from Zaalim Dolly

Sus Santa Free Amigurumi crochet pattern from Ninja Cat Crafts

Among Us crochet patterns from Pop Culture Crochet

Suspicious Characters from Among Us from Suzanne Long

Among Us Cremate crochet pattern from Amy Ting

Among Us crewmate crochet pattern from lanas y ovillos

Crochet Among Us plush crochet pattern from Wiwy Crochet

Among Us mini crochet pattern from Crochet Happie Plushie

Among Us Jason Mask from PinkOlay Crochet

Among US Plushies free crochet pattern from Sarah Csiacsek

And check out this cute Among Us inspired Beanie from Tippery and Co on Etsy

And you can find more than 700! Free crochet patterns from movies, video games and television shows here, as I am always updating so make sure you pin it for later. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Free Glittery 2021 Printable One Page Calendars

A lot of people think January is a good time to get yourself organized, myself included. So if you are looking for a one page 2021 calendar here are 4 different pretty glittery options for you. 

Click on the text under the option you want to download the 2021 year at a glance calendar on a standard 8 by 11" paper. You can post on your fridge, office wall or use a hole punch to keep in a binder. 

Free 2021 Printable Glitter One Page Calendars

2021 one page printable calendar

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Free 2021 Watercolor One Page Calendars

Free 2021 Watercolor One Page Calendars

free 2021 printable calendars

I created 5 different one page 2021 watercolor calendars for you, just click on the text under the image you want to download the calendar on a standard 8.5 by 11" inch standard paper. 

free 2021 one page printable calendars

free 2021 printable year at a glance calendars

Friday, January 8, 2021

Free Valentine's Crochet Patterns

 Valentine's is next month and for all my crafty fans here are some cute and of course free Valentine's Day crochet patterns. 

free Valentine's day crochet patterns

I give you my heart - Valentine's Cupid free pattern from Haruleven

Owl Always Love You Valentine Cuddly from Holly's Hobbies

Valentine's Day Amigurumi kisses pattern from Amigurumi Food

An Entire free Valentine's Day Amigurumi crochet set from Stringy Ding Ding

Bernat Velvet Valentine crochet bear from Repeat Crafter Me

Valentine Heart Crochet Owl from Repeat Crafter Me

Crochet Valentine's Day wreath from Repeat Crafter Me

Valentine's day crochet wreath pattern from Highland Hickory Designs

Candy Conversation Hearts from Valentine's that you can make into keychains from One Dog Woof

Crochet Heart Conversation heart headband from Repeat Crafter Me

Free pattern conversation heart garland from Twinkie Chan

Conversation heart free crochet pattern from Made with a Twist

Candy Heart crochet pillow from Once Upon a Cheerio

Box of chocolate amigurumi valentine's day pattern from Amigurumi Food

Lily Sugar'n Cream Love bugs from Yarnspiration

Red Heart crochet box of chocolates from Yarnspirations

Free Roses crochet pattern from Sandra Ahlberg

Crochet mail free custom letter pattern from Ruby & Custard 

Free crochet Valentine's day headbands from Skein and Hook

Crochet Love pillow cover pattern from Maria's Blue Crayon

I ruff you puppy amigurumi crochet pattern from Craft Passion

Crochet Heart 8 bit slouchy from Whistle & Joy

Hershey Kiss free crochet pattern from Heather Jarmusz

A Valentine's day love bug hat from Chem Knits

Cute Valentine Minis set from “Aradiya Toys Minis” collection on Etsy

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