Friday, September 24, 2021

Harley Quinn Cosplay Outfits

I absolutely love Harley Quinn, she is my favourite comic book character (DC or Marvel) I don't know what it is about her; maybe it's her attitude or that's she doesn't try to hide her crazy lol but whatever it is I am a Harley Quinn fan all the way! 

Birds of Prey Cosplay

Birds of Prey introduced a lot more iconic Harley Quinn costumes, yes there are more outfits than these four but for now I have put together round-ups of where to purchase these costumes. 

Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Outfits

Some links are affiliate links because well.. it's nice to make a nominal fee for the effort I put into this blog, and most pieces are reasonably priced except for harder to source products like the shoes and blazer. 

I dressed up as Harley Quinn a couple Halloweens ago, for a costume themed stag and doe, I purchased the items in town and did not have the confidence to wear her bootie shorts but I still loved it - I still wear my Daddy's Little Monster tank top, and had fun doing my makeup and dying my hair! 

Harley Quinn Costume Tape Costume

Birds of Prey Women's Premium Harley Quinn Costume includes Jacket, Pair of Sleeves, Tank Top, Suspenders, Shorts and Tights. This caution tape brightly colored jacket is a favorite of mine. 

Birds of Prey Halloween Costumes

And if you want to save money and do it yourself check out this tutorial from Monica at Popcorner Reviews

Diy Harley Quinn's Caution tape Jacket

Harley Quinn Birds Of Prey BOP Silver Rings Set For Cosplay Movie Screen Accurate Replica from Theme Extreme on Etsy

Look 2 - Blue Blazer

Birds of Prey Blue Blazer

Birds of Prey sunglasses

Look 3 - Harley Shirt & Denim Shorts

Short Blonde Wig | Dark Roots Hair with Two Pink and Blue Ponytails Wigs from Amazon

Birds of Prey Cosplay Harley Quinn Distressed Tee from

Birds of Prey Outfit - Red Suspenders 

Her Universe DC Comics Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Destructed Denim looking Hi-Rise Shorts

Look 4 - Harley Quinn's Gold Jumpsuit

Harley Quinn Cosplay Outfit

Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) Cosplay Shoes

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Free Printable Beetlejuice Posters

 It has been years since I actually watched Beetlejuice but it is such a classic it needs to be added to the yearly Halloween movie line up (along with Hocus Pocus!) and the kids are older so they can actually watch it without having nightmares (hopefully). 

Beetlejuice wall art

I created 5 different posters on standard 8.5 by 11" paper so you can print out and use as decorations. These would look even better if framed with black photo frames which you can purchase at the dollar store or garage sales and spray paint black. 

You are usually asked for the sizing when you print so you can easily resize these for 5 by 7" or 4 by 6" frames to make a Beetejuice photo wall. 

Click on the image or text below image to download from Google Drive and print. 

Beetlejuice posters

Free beetlejuice posters

Free Beetlejuice printables

Beetlejuice party printables,

I think this Beetlejuice quote looks great with the black background but don't think it will turn out well with home printers. So I create a white and black version as well... 

Beetlejuice quotes

And don't forget to pin this for later for your own Beetlejuice themed party or movie watch night. 

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Riverdale Printables

I used to read the Archie comics whenever I went to camp, there were dozens of them there, so back when Riverdale first came out I was so excited, and I wasn't disappointed I like how it was a little darker than the original and yet still paid homage to a classic/ For all the other fans out there, here is a round-up of free Riverdale printables.  

These are great for every day, or whether your planning a Netflix binge night or a birthday party.

Riverdale Invitations - 4 different styles

free printable Riverdale invitations

 Riverdale cupcake toppers which can also be used as stickers

Riverdale printables

And you can find even more cupcake toppers here including a darker version of the main characters

Get Riverdale Happy Planner printables from Victoria Thatcher

Free Printable Riverdale Bingo Cards including 6 different cards and calling cards. 

Riverdale diner phone wallpaper from We Heart it, or you can get Jughead 


And you can find a collection of  40+ Amazing Printable Riverdale Posters from My Poster Collection

And you can find a Riverdale Party supplies from Amazon including banner, cake topper, cupcake toppers, balloons and stickers for under $20 from Amazon

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Free Printable Riverdale Bingo

I had a personal request for Riverdale Bingo cards for a Riverdale birthday theme, so I created 6 different bingo cards with the calling cards. 

You can print out the bingo cards and hand them out and then print out the calling cards, cut them out individually, shuffle them and hold them up for the kids to match. Use whatever you want as markers, bingo dabbers, markers, smarties, scraps of construction paper or whatever you have on hand...
Riverdale bingo printables

Riverdale birthday party printables

Free Riverdale birthday party printables

Free Riverdale printable party games

Free Riverdale Printables

And you can find more Riverdale Free Printables here - including invitations, cupcake toppers, posters, planner printables and more!

Free Riverdale Printables


Thursday, September 9, 2021

Spooky Cute Kawaii printables

I love Halloween, and I love the newer trends as well... I feel like it's not all black and orange and scary monsters which I feel is over done but pastel and pinks and Kawaii and cuteness! So I decided to make some Spooky Cute Kawaii themed cupcake toppers for your Halloween (or Spooky) occasion, as they are my favorite thing to make because they are simple and versatile!

Free Cute Kawaii Halloween Printables

I started by creating two different pages with 4 characters each - one happy and one evil? or maybe just grouchy characters. 

Spooky Cute Printables

Spooky Cute free Printables

Cute Kawaii Halloween

If you guys like these freebies, please share on social media and I will create more matching themed free printables. I usually create by popularity (or possibly my whim of the day)

And if you are looking for matching products for your Spooky occasion you can find them in my Zazzle Shop, where you can easily customize them for your own needs. 

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