Thursday, September 8, 2016

Pokemon Bingo

pokemon bingo

Well since Pokémon Go is so popular right now (and I'm only a measly level 14 - for shame!) I decided to create a free printable Pokémon bingo game.

free printable pokemon bingo

So I created 6 different cards - so there is some variety although I usually only create four - see other popular free bingo games here (shameless self promotion)

pokemon party printables

I saved them two - to a page in Dropbox so you can just print them and cut them out

pokemon party games
I love picture bingo because its great for kids of all ages. My daughter played this at a resort when she was only 2 and loved it! <-- bragging about my kids level of genius there

And here are the calling cards - just cut them out shuffle and call them one by one.

free pokemon party printables

Oh and if you have the patience of a saint or one of those fancy paper cutters (hmmm note to self Amazon link to go here later...) you can cut out these pokemon balls - or you can use whatever: bingo dabbers, scraps or paper, smarties, etc.

pokemon printable activities

Well enjoy! Let me know if you have any issues with the above printables and if they are popular or there are requests??? I may create some more Pokémon or bingo printables in the future...

Also feel free to click on my ads, or buy stuff from my affiliates... I'm just saying it would be greatly appreciated ;)


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