Monday, August 17, 2015

My Do It Yourself - Blog Review


Why do you repeat the blog title three times? That's unnecessary. I like the mint background. I'm not crazy about the header font. The light green on the black is hard to read. The welcome is nice, but add spaces after the punctuation.

The header is really eye catching.  At first I was unsure of the title appearing 3xs, but then I   decided it went really well with the overall theme.

I like the header font but think it could me more streamlined - have the title appearing once, with larger text and maybe a short subheading explaining what the blog is about.

Sidebar (appearance and arrangement)

The sidebars are crowded. I would delete the traffic monitoring parts. You have two options for all the buttons. Move them to their own separate page that's linked from a tab, or use HTML to center all the buttons <center> </center> and to add space between the buttons <br>
I like the calendar and placement of your Pinterest follow.  However, it would be really helpful to have a separate menu page at the top for all the great link parties :D

I find the sidebars to be very cluttered and unorganized and distract from the blogs content. I personally do not like double sidebars and prefer one sidebar on the right, as it's a more common layout.

Would like to see an about me at the top of the sidebar, and might put all the link parties on their own separate page - except Bloggers helping Bloggers because it rocks ;) and would probably get rid of the live traffic feed all together - it serves no benefit to visitors and you can find your own stats under Google analytics.

Had some ads that began playing loudly and startled me - I am not opposed to advertisements but prefer them to be silent as I was searching to turn down my volume so it wouldn't wake my sleeping babies.

How easy it is to follow on social media

I only found Pinterest. Consider adding buttons above-the-fold (that is, the area that is viewed when a user is scrolled to the top of your page).
VERY easy to follow

Would like to see social media icons at the top of the sidebar, and like the Pinterest widget.


Gorgeous photos! Nice branding in the corner of each photo.

I actually took German in college so I understood most of it!  The content was helpful, inspiring, and displayed the heart of DIY.  I love the abundance of pictures so that even if someone can't read the German, there is still an obvious idea of what you are doing.

Although I have no idea what your posts say, I still enjoyed looking through all the before and after pictures - you are obviously a talented DIYer.

How easy it is to read (fonts, etc.)

Light font on dark background is very hard to read.
content was easy to read/follow

I find the black background somewhat off putting, and would probably prefer a dark text on a light background as its generally easier to read.

How easy it is to navigate, and find what you are looking for

The tags and archives tab are great. The search button in the left sidebar is good.
very simple and easy to navigate

Tags and archives make it easier to find things but didn't actually see a search bar unless I missed it?

Overall appearance

I like the color scheme, but all the animation makes the blog look unprofessional. Consider deleting any animated parts from your sidebars. Also maybe invert your colors, like have a light gray or mint as the body background with a black or dark gray as the text. You can still have the main patterned background.
It's unique, eye catching, and flows together quite well

I like the blog, love the mint colour but would probably try to unclutter it and lighten the background, the projects are amazing though!

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    Hi Kristen,
    Thank you for your assessment and the great tips.
    I now have a new blog, which is nearly so.
    I link him now also to your blog.
    Maybe he likes you so a little better ...
    I'll think about your tips and they might implement gradually.
    Thanks again and best regards


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