Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pinterest Link Party

I recently wrote a post:  How to Get More Readers as a Newbie Blogger using Pinterest and one of the ways I mentioned was to find Pinterest Link Parties but I had trouble finding any myself so I decided to make one ...

So the rules will be simple, and the party will last 33 days as I couldn't extend it any longer than that.

I will add the last 5 names to the next Pinterest Link Party, if this one gets enough links.

I would appreciate if you follow me on Pinterest but you don't have to unless I'm in the top 5. And it would be great if you could share the party - through twitter copying the image above and adding it to your sidebar or link or yelling from the top of your neighbours roof.

The Rules:

1. So just add your Pinterest account to the list. Link to your main Pinterest page not a pin please. If you add your blog I'm sorry I will have to delete it.

2. And follow the 5 accounts above yours. This way everyone can get 5 new followers. Please don't add your name if you won't add other pinners -- that's just not fair to everyone else.

Sorry the Pinterest Link Party has closed - but you can link up to the Twitter Link Party until I have another one in a couple months.


  1. Thanks for hosting! I need to boost my numbers, but it is often easier said than done. I started following your blog, it looks like you have some wonderful content, and I am looking forward to exploring.

  2. Hi Channon Thanks so much or your kind words! And I'm so glad people are linking up. I think I might have a Twitter party next month...

  3. Thank you Kristen for hosting! Pinterest is a fun way to get inspiration and it is always nice to find new boards or pinners to follow.
    Charlotte - My Green Nook

  4. Kristen,

    Thanks for hosting! I wish there were dates at the top to be clearer how long the 33 days are. I followed everyone above me.

    1. Hi Kim - thanks for adding your account and following everyone! Great tip about the dates it's in microscopic print underneath the add your link button. This linky will close Monday morning (Feb. 23) and I will be hosting a month long Twitter linky - (Starting this Monday) so I hope you can come back to link-up!


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