Thursday, February 4, 2021

Free Pop Culture Crochet Patterns

For all the fans of the amazing Pop Culture out there including horror movies, and iconic and recent sitcoms and more then this post is for you! More than 20 free crochet patterns, and a few paid patterns that are definitely worth it.

Freddie Mercury Crochet pattern from Moji-Moji Design 


Georgie from IT crochet pattern from Pop Culture Crochet

Free Pennywise crochet pattern from Mina's Craft


Beverly Goldberg from Amidorable Crochet

Big Bang Theory

Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory pattern from Amidorable Crochet

Find all the crochet patterns from the main Characters from the Big Bang Theory on Amidorable Crochet including Penny, Leonard, Raj, Howard, Stuart, Amy Farrah Fowler, Bernie and soft kitty

Big Bang Theory Atom Logo Beanie crochet pattern from Crafter Chick

Micro Sheldon patterns from Amiadorable Crochet

PAID PATTERN - Set of 7 Nerdy Scientific Theory Crochet Amigurumi Dolls from CraftyisCoolCrochet

2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girl Patterns from Amidorable Crochet including Oleg, Caroline, Max and Han

Anne of Green Gabels

Anne of Green Gabels Doll from Sweet Softies

The Goonies

Sloth from the Goonies keychain from Mommy Made Crochet

The Witcher

Geralt of Rivia form the Witcher free crochet pattern from Crochet Fanatic


Stranger Things

Demogorgon Stranger Things from Karina Reinoso

Demogorgon crochet pattern from Pop Culture Crochet 

Robin and Steve Crochet Patterns from Pop Culture Crochet

Christmas tree lights from Teenie Crochets

PAID PATTERN Eleven inspired Amigurumi crochet pattern from GinansilyoNiMarya

PAID PATTERN - The Boys from Stranger Things Crochet patterns from SeteCrochet

PAID PATTERN - Dustin from Stranger Things Amigurumi Crochet Pattern from LoveandFireES

One Piece

Luffy character pattern from Lovely Craft

One Piece Luffy Crochet Pattern

Ash vs. the Evil Dead

Ash vs. the Dead Amigurumi from Tales of the Twisted Dead

PAID PATTERN - Mr. Rogers with Puppets Crochet Pattern from Crafty is Cool Crochet 

Sabrina the Witch

I found the new rendition of Sabrina the Teenage Witch quite dark so decided to include her on this list, free pattern from Mina's Crafts

The Office

Dwight Schrute from the Office from Pop Culture Crochet 

Dwight Schrute Amigurumi Crochet Doll Pattern from Once Upon a Cheerio

PAID PATTERN - The Office Character Collection patterns from Curious Narwhal on Etsy

Ghost Busters

Ghost Buster Crochet Pattern from Pop Culture Crochet

Stay Puft Marshmallow Crochet Pattern from Pop Culture Crochet

Mocking Bird

Crochet Mocking Bird Pin from the Hinger Games from Pop Culture Crochet 

PAID PATTERN - Exotic Tiger Man Joe and tiger crochet pattern from Crafty is Cool Crochet

PAID PATTERN - Bob Ross crochet pattern from CraftyisCoolCrochet

And here is a round-up of free Squid Games crochet patterns

squid games crochet pattern

And check out over 1000 more free crochet patterns on my Pinterest Board:

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