Thursday, November 12, 2020

Animal Crossings New Horizons Bingo

 Have I told you how much I want Animal Crossing New Horizons yet? Well if Nintendo needs someone to review it, hit me up. Okay unlikely, but I tried 🤷

animal crossing bingo

I love playing bingo with the kids as it's great for young and old kids as you only have to hold the pictures up for them to match. Add some fun size chocolate bars as a prize and you got yourself a fun activity for birthday parties or really anytime. 

I created six different cards, so they would not all be the same. And a calling card page, you can print and cut out. You may want to print on cardstock or glue to construction paper so it isn't so flimsy. Click on the text below the images you want to download. 

printable animal crossing bingo

free printable animal crossing bingo

free printable animal crossing activities

You can also print out two copies of calling cards, cut them all out and lie them image sized down spaced out to use as a memory game. 

And if you are throwing an Animal Crossing birthday party, or themed afternoon, you might also like Animal Crossing cupcake toppers which can also be attached to paper cups, favor bags or used as decorations. 

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