Friday, January 17, 2020

Panda in Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower

I love all the baby shower printables out there they are just so cute. And throwing your friend, family or yourself a cute baby shower can get pricey so here are some super cute Panda baby shower printable to help you out. 

free baby shower printables,

I created a baby shower invitation which you can edit using photo editing software like Picmonkey. Font type and colour are listed at the bottom. 

Here is an example of what it would look like;

free baby shower invitations

Here is a blank invitation which you could also print it out and fill in the information by hand, some people have amazing handwriting and I'm jealous. 

Also I created a 5 by 7" fold-able invitation as well. So you can write the details inside. 

Here is a 5" by 7" thank you card, to thank all your guest for the adorable presents.

Panda baby shower printables

Here is a 8" by 11" Welcome sign for decoration, you can buy a white frame from the dollar store if you want to be fancy. 😉

Panda Baby Shower

Here are some small circle labels which you can use as cupcake toppers, or glue to paper cups if you'd like. The balloon image was too large so I used a matching Panda one.

If you want to edit your invitation online, the fonts I used are;

Glacial Indifference - all Caplocks
Colour #102c46

Script Coneria Script
Colour #38568c

Hope you enjoy and if you love it don't forget to share it. 😉

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Wreck it Ralph

Wreck It Ralph is such a feel good movie, I watched both of them with my kids. I love anything Disney or Pixar related so I created a roundup of free birthday party printables, activities and valentines, crafts and recipes inspired by the movies.


Get free printable lunch box notes from life family joy

Wreck it Ralph online invitation from PunchBowl

Get free Wreck it Ralph birthday party printables from Daisy Celebrates

Free Wreck it Ralph coloring pages and games from ReelMama

Make your own Wreck it Ralph stickers with free printable from Disney Family

Ralph breaks the internet coloring pages and activity sheets from Must have Mom

get free printable masks and pumpkin carving template from Views from the Ville

Get free Wreck it Ralph party printables from oh my fiesta

Free Wreck it Ralph arcade fun from Carrie with Children

Free printable Wreck it Ralph Gift tags from Play Party Plan

Free printable Wreck it Ralph playset from Disney Family

Make your own Wreck it Ralph pixel placemat with free template

Wreck it Ralph printable games and activities from Money Saving Parent 


Make your own Sugar Rush Charm bracelet with free printable from Disney Family

DIY Vanellope medal bag from Artsy Fartsy Mama 

make your own Vanellope von Schweetz hair bow with tutorial from as the Bunny Hops

Free crochet pattern for Sugar Rush leg warmers from Once upon a Cheerio

Get free Wreck it Ralph crochet pattern from Den Dennis

Make your own Vanellope Headband with instructions from Disney Family

DIY Wreck it Ralph t-shirts from Auntie Tay on YouTube

You're my hero shrink plastic charms from as the Bunny Hops


Make these Wreck it Ralph sugar cookies with recipe from Disney Family

Vanellope von Schweetz cupcakes from brought to you by Mom

Make your own Wreck it Ralph cake with recipe and instructions form Oh Sweet Disney

Vanellope's kart ice cream sundae from Red Head baby Mama

make your own Wreck it Ralph hero medal cookie with recipe from Disney Family

Vanellope von Schweetz sugar rush shake from jamonkey

Wreck it Ralph sugar rush slushie from a worthey read

Wreck it Ralph inspired Fluffy Pancakes from Whisky n Sunshine

Make your own Wreck it Ralph hot cocoa with recipe from Disney Family

And you can find Wreck it Ralph party supplies on Oriental Trading

Thursday, January 9, 2020

The Mandalorian Invitations

The Mandalorian is by far my favourite show right now! Baby Yoda is so adorable, and I love all the action and the characters attitudes. Okay I like everything about it! So here are some Mandalorian invitations if you or your kids are planning a themed birthday (or show watching party)

The Mandalorian birthday

If you visited my blog before you know that I can't make just one of anything, so I created 4 different versions. You can click on the link under your favourite to download. And then you can either edit it in a photo editing software, I use PicMonkey to create all my invitations as I can add my own fonts.

 Also you probably want to print them out on cardstock so they are a little more rigid. 

baby yoda birthday

the mandalorian party printables

baby yoda party printables

Free Mandalorian party printables

I saved two invitations on a page to save on printing. 

free baby yoda party printables
And check out the cutest baby Yoda gifts on the web. 

Baby Yoda gift Ideas

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Baby Yoda

I absolutely love the Mandalorian, I am not a die hard Star Wars fan, not to say I don't like the movies, I thought the ewoks were adorable, which I was so happy to see in the show but everybody has fallen for baby Yoda and how couldn't you? So here are the cutest baby Yoda gifts I could find and I got to say I want them all!

baby yoda merch

Baby Yoda shirt from LBFMagicCo

baby yoda shirt

The Mandalorian poster from Happy Little Home Art

mandalorian yoda baby

I just want to drink coffee and take naps tumbler from OrangeMouseCo

baby yoda merchandise

Baby Yoda the child makeup o9r travel bag from IdealAdornment

Pre-Order Star Wars the Child talking plush toy with character sounds and accessories from Amazon

baby yoda toys

Baby Yoda he protects t-shirt from Leonaes

Baby Yoda coffee mug from ImaginationMugs

Baby Yoda inspired pillow from Detuli

stuffed baby yoda

This is the Way tshirt from LBFMagicCo

the madalorian shirt

Baby Yoda iPhone case from FloraisonBoutique

baby yoda cell phone case

Baby Yoda key chain from Raining CraftsDogs

baby yoda key chanin

Baby Yoda watch from Gazelaworld

the mandalorian jewellery

Lego Star Wars The Mandalorian Collectable At-ST Raider from Lego

the mandalorian lego set

The Mamalorian tshirt from ArrowynRose

Baby Yoda inspired plush toy from SparklePickleStore

plush baby yoda

Baby Yoda Canvas Shoulder bag from LiteraryStyle

baby yoda bag

Baby Yoda Watercolor Print Set from PaperLeoArts

baby yoda wall art

Baby Yoda wood cover notebook from TheWrightMemories

baby yoda notebook

Baby Yoda figurines from Amazon

yoda baby toy

The Mandalorian - the child Funko Pop

baby yoda funko pop

Set of 5 Baby Yoda earrings from Essential Botanical

baby yoda earrings

Pre-order the Star Wars the Child Plush Toy from Amazon

Amazon baby yoda

Star Wars Mandalorian battle and speeder bike from Lego

baby yoda legos

The Mandalorian The Child Pattern Espadrilles from Shop Disney

disney baby yoda

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