Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Baby Yoda

I absolutely love the Mandalorian, I am not a die hard Star Wars fan, not to say I don't like the movies, I thought the ewoks were adorable, which I was so happy to see in the show but everybody has fallen for baby Yoda and how couldn't you? So here are the cutest baby Yoda gifts I could find and I got to say I want them all!

baby yoda merch

Baby Yoda shirt from LBFMagicCo

baby yoda shirt

The Mandalorian poster from Happy Little Home Art

mandalorian yoda baby

I just want to drink coffee and take naps tumbler from OrangeMouseCo

baby yoda merchandise

Baby Yoda the child makeup o9r travel bag from IdealAdornment

Pre-Order Star Wars the Child talking plush toy with character sounds and accessories from Amazon

baby yoda toys

Baby Yoda he protects t-shirt from Leonaes

Baby Yoda coffee mug from ImaginationMugs

Baby Yoda inspired pillow from Detuli

stuffed baby yoda

This is the Way tshirt from LBFMagicCo

the madalorian shirt

Baby Yoda iPhone case from FloraisonBoutique

baby yoda cell phone case

Baby Yoda key chain from Raining CraftsDogs

baby yoda key chanin

Baby Yoda watch from Gazelaworld

the mandalorian jewellery

Lego Star Wars The Mandalorian Collectable At-ST Raider from Lego

the mandalorian lego set

The Mamalorian tshirt from ArrowynRose

Baby Yoda inspired plush toy from SparklePickleStore

plush baby yoda

Baby Yoda Canvas Shoulder bag from LiteraryStyle

baby yoda bag

Baby Yoda Watercolor Print Set from PaperLeoArts

baby yoda wall art

Baby Yoda wood cover notebook from TheWrightMemories

baby yoda notebook

Baby Yoda figurines from Amazon

yoda baby toy

The Mandalorian - the child Funko Pop

baby yoda funko pop

Set of 5 Baby Yoda earrings from Essential Botanical

baby yoda earrings

Pre-order the Star Wars the Child Plush Toy from Amazon

Amazon baby yoda

Star Wars Mandalorian battle and speeder bike from Lego

baby yoda legos

The Mandalorian The Child Pattern Espadrilles from Shop Disney

disney baby yoda

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