Monday, September 23, 2019

Construction-Themed Printables for Hands-On Play

Check out the 10 free Construction Games and Printables for Kids

Building something and tearing it down seems to be a classic game for most toddlers (and even older kids). Funny enough, that’s basically what construction is so why not play off of those ideas and create some educational activities out of it?

Building and construction games can be a hit with kids of all ages while also teaching valuable skills in match, science, engineering and even design. Check out these building activities and printables from BigRentz for some fun construction play ideas.

From building your own neighborhood to constructing marshmallow shapes, your little ones can develop critical thinking and embrace creativity with each project.

Most of the projects only require household materials so you can download, print, and get building quickly. They’ve split up the printables for kids in preschool through fifth grade so no matter what stage of learning, your kid can start building their own world and future.

I want to thank Amanda Tallent who shared these amazing printables for my readers. 😊

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