Sunday, September 15, 2019

Free Detective Pikachu Invitations

Detective Pikachu hit theaters in May and I'm still waiting for it to be released on video streaming as I missed it.

detective pikachu party

I was all over the Pokemon Go when it first came out but feel like I need to revive it and get my boys into it. As activity + video games are enticing to young boys who want to become recluses in their bedrooms with their iPads lol. 

I created three different versions so you can choose you favourite, or all of them. 

detective pikachu free invitations

detective pikachu birthday party

detective pikachu party printables

And as usual I saved them two, to an 8.5 by 11" inch paper for easier printing. Also I suggest using cardstock for best results. 

detective pikachu party ideas

Also don't forget to follow my blog --> as I will be adding more pikachu themed printables shortly!


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