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December Blog Income

A lot of times we are curious about what other bloggers make. We want to learn which programs and affiliates they utilize and how we can increase our own revenues but, often times after I finish reading these articles I feel like I have not gained any more knowledge then I previously had. Hopefully you won’t feel the same way after reading this article…

steps to making money blogging

In December  according to Google Analytics I had 37, 135 page views, a bounce rate of 67.02 % and 10.2% returning visitors. I had 52.8% from social links (mainly Pinterest) 33.1% from organic searches like Google searches or images and 12.5% direct acquisition and the rest were from referrals (like Link Parties) and other means.

blogging income

Now bigger blogs may snuff at the idea of making only $300 a month but this blog is a source of additional income for me on top of my full time job with benefits. If you work on it full time then you can see more profitable returns.

Google Adsense

My income from Google Adsense has been continuously growing month after month. And I definitely reccomend once you are an established blog (over 90 days old and seeing some traffic) you apply for Google Adsense.

making money with google adsense

Two main factors increase your Google Adsense revenue: placement and page views. Google allows you to ad three display ad placements, three links and two search boxes to your blog and I suggest using all of them as they are a great source of passive income. Also don’t forget to include one or two mobile advertisements as well. 

Page Views will be discussed in an upcoming post. And you can read more about Google Adsense ad placement here.


Infolinks is one of the first programs I joined and still use. They have minimum requirements for joining and are fairly simple to install – you just have to paste their html code or install a plug-in (their instructions are actually fairly easy to understand)

InfoLinks has various different ad groups – I only have the intext and intag enabled and I disabled all the pop up ads; although they have a high return they personally irritate me to no end, therefore I don’t want to deter any repeat viewers but that is just my opinion, so you can try your own variation and see what works for you.

They also have a referral program where you can earn 10% of your referrals income for a year so I would appreciate it – if you use my link. Join InfoLinks here ;)


DealSpotr is a site that rewards you for finding deals. You can earn $5 to join, $15 for adding a button to your blog and another $50 for writing an honest blog post about their company. You are paid in Amazon gift cards unless you receive ‘gold status’ and I have already received a payment of $86.01 from them through paypal.

DealSpotr is not one of my large recurring sources of income but I actively try to find a few lucrative sponsored posts each month. You can read more about DealSpotr here

Amazon Affiliates

Amazon is fairly easy to sign up for unless you live in a few certain states. I initially had issues signing up for the American Amazon Affiliate program being Canadian as I had a limited amount of time to sell something before it expired and I had to rejoin the program. But after that initial hiccup have had moderate success with Amazon and thought I might see a decrease in my Amazon earning in January as Christmas has passed but have already exceeded my earning and it only day 16.

Amazon is great because you can find a link to any product you want, have related search results after your posts and have native ads - so products people were already previewing will show up in the native ads so they are highly targeted. Also you get credit for anything people buy after they go to Amazon through your link and I believe the link doesn't expire for 24 hours. 

Amazon starts with a 4% commission rate per month and increases the rate to 6% after shipping 7 products. Unfortunately the higher commission rates are reset at the beginning of each month. 

Link Vehicle

Link Vehicle is going to be rebranded to Valued Voice beginning February 1st. They except smaller blogs, and have a few different opportunities:

Sponsored Posts:
Write articles and topics we provide, or publish articles already written on your behalf. We also find products for you to review and giveaway for your readers.

Sponsored Social:
Share brand messages with your social followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

They send you an email when they have available opportunities which for me has averaged out to at least one post per month (sometimes there's none and sometimes there's three)
there was no minimum payment but I think that's changing to $100 with the change over. 


I joined Svorn a couple months ago but am currently on the search for a more profitable display advertisement option in addition to Google AdSense. They have a few requirements for joining including you can’t currently have more than six total display advertisements on your site. 

But I have not seen enough profits with them in comparison to other options so will probably discontinue using Svorn soon. You can leave suggestions if you have had success with another company in the comments.

And if you are looking for more information about blogging you can find Everything You Wanted to know about Blogging.

If you have questions or anything isn't clear let me know in the comments so I can expand. Thanks!!


  1. Thank you! This was much more helpful than many other posts on this subject that I have read! I am currently using Amazon and Share-a-Sale, but not seeing a lot of results yet. I am going to try Google Adsense and see how that works.

  2. I'm not doing any of this, and it seems like a lot to take on, but I should be looking into it. Thanks for explaining it all so well.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Im a smaller blogger and I've been feeling a little overwhelmed by reading the bigger bloggers' reports. I only use affiliate marketing right now so your monthly income looks great to me!

  4. I'm always on the lookout for new monetization ideas. I left Sovrn for the same reasons you are considering leaving them. Visiting from Wonderful Wednesday party.

  5. Hi! What do you mean by "three links and two search bars?" When you refer to Google Adsense? Thanks for your help!

    1. Google has display ads and then text ads suggesting similar topics you recently searched. So looking at my blog you will see an example as the third item in my sidebar - above the about me heading. Not sure if I explained that well... so let me know if you have more questions.

  6. Thanks for the explanations of how the different programs work. We look forward to seeing you again next week at Over the Moon.

  7. Thanks for being so open and for the explanation on the various types of Adsense.

  8. Thank you for sharing! I just started monetizing my blog and haven't made any money yet. How much traffic do you get for the $162 for Adsense?

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