Friday, June 23, 2017

Doozie Words

My daughter is nearly finished senior kindergarten for the summer and loves to try to read the bedtime stories at night, she had some activities at school to help her recognize common words she calls "Doozie words" I think they are also called sight words. Words that are used in most sentences like I, me, the, a, etc. So I created her a print out of Doozie words and some images for the more difficult words so she can put together her own sentences. 

free printable sight words

So you can just cut out the individual words and have the kids arrange them to make simple sentences.

free sight words to print

I also created them in pink and blue as my daughters favourite colour is pink and my sons favourite colour is blue and green

Here is an example of some of the sentences you can make.

sight words printables

And I also created some harder word with the icons so young kids can recognize them.

kawaii word printables

sight word games

sight words

Here are some of the ones we cut out tonight

sight words for first grades

I will probably add more soon as Lily has decided I also need to create number words as well. Let me know if there is anything specific you were looking for and I will try to accommodate. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Cars 3 Activities

And here is a round-up of Cars printable activities

free printable cars 3 activities

You can get this 'Race to the Races' maze from Alamo

cars 3 printables

Make your own Cars 3 cars out of toilet paper rolls with instructions from Disney Family 

cars 3 activities

Crack the code with this free printable from Alamo 

free cars 3 printables

Get three free printable activity sheets from Highlights along the Way 

cars 3 printable activities
cars 3 printables

Get free Cars 3 colouring pages from Super Coloring 

cars 3 colouring pages

Make your own race track with these printable cones from All for the Boys

cars 3 activities to print

Get your own Cars 3 board game from Play Party Plan

Cars 3 game

And you can teach your kids basic physics with these free printable cards from

cars 3 activities to print

And you can find all the Cars 3 Birthday party printables here

Monday, June 19, 2017

Trolls Scrapbooking

I created a few pages of Trolls characters and sayings - you can cut them out and glue them in your scrapbook or print them on a sheet of sticker paper. Free Trolls Scrapbooking Elements

Free trolls scrapbooking elements

Trolls scrapbook page two
trolls characters for scrapbooking

Get free 12 by 12 Rainbow Love digital paper from Free Pretty Things for You

trolls digital paper

Get these free scrapbook elements from It may not be in English but its still adorable and you can cut out the pieces and create your own scrapbook.

Trolls scrapbook printables

Get Free Glitter paper from Pretty Things for You in 12 different colours.

free Trolls digital paper

Love this glitter alphabet designed by Harper Finch

Trolls inspired font

And you can create your own  digital Trolls scrapbook with elements and backdrops from DreamWorks

Create a Trolls Scrapbook

Online Trolls Scrapbook

Victoria Hatcher created these for the Happy Planner but would be cute for msking a scrapbook.

Trolls planner
Free colorful digital paper from Harper Finch 

trolls scrapbook paper

You can find 18 free Trolls digital papers from The World of Is including 6 with the Trolls Logo

free trolls scrapbook paper

And You Can find 4 by 6" frames also from The World of Is or Le Monde D'is and here is Set two

trolls frames

And here are 24 free different size cards you can use for scrapbooking also from Le Monde D'is

free trolls scrapbook

Or you can purchase Dreamworks Trolls Ultimate Scrapbook Kit for $15.86 which makes two scrapbooks

Trolls Scrapbook Kit

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Cars 3 Party

Here is Everything you need to throw a Cars 3 themed Birthday Party

Cars 3 Party

cars 3 birthday invitations

Cars eyes from Lou et Leon  is such a cute idea for dressing up jello cups or simple drink cups as seen on Glimpses of Jesus

cars 3 party ideas

You can print tons of free Cars inspired logos from Great Kids birthday parties and add them to 2L pop like these pictured ones from Catch My Party, juice containers, wrap them around empty tin cans , or whatever you can think of. 

Cars 3 party supplies

Cars 3 party printables

Cars 3 birthday party

cars 3 thank you cards

12 Cars 3 Grab and Go Packs - great for favour bags!

Cars 3 party favors

And you might like all these printable Cars 3 Activities... great for when the party goers get a little antsy

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