Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Beauty Salon Printables

Lily loves when I print her out activities, and I love pretend play as it seems to keep the kids preoccupied more than some other activities without screen time. So I created some free beauty salon printables and thought I would share.

pretend play printables

I created two different signs, and left them blank so you can write in your childs own name, or they can do it themselves.

beauty salon pretend play printables

Beauty Salon Sign - you can tape this sign to a wall or door or attach a ribbon and hang it over a door knob. 

Beauty Salon sign - foldable. This one is designed to be folded in half and placed on a table or counter. If you have trouble with it staying up fold the ends inwards about a an inch or so.

free beauty salon pretend play printables

Here is a list of Beauty Salon services, I love anything Kawaii inspired it is so adorable! 

free pretend play printables

I also decided to create some money; Kawai themes money in different colours: as that's half the fun, Dylan decided he was the cashier and handed out all the money.  

free Kawaii money

I saved three of each domination to a page for easy printing and you can print out as much money as you like (read: feel like cleaning up afterwards)

free play money

free pretend play money

beauty salon printables

My Life dolls waiting patiently in the waiting room.

I even let my 6 year old paint my nails hot pink, she was very proud of herself and luckily for me she is getting better at it. 

pretend play manicure

Hope you have fun!


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