Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Pretend Play: Grocery Store

My kids love playing grocery store. So I created a couple of printable lists for them to go 'shopping' with their pretend food.

pretend play grocery store

My six year old  is always asking me to spell different words so I created these list for her to practice spelling her words.

pretend play grocery store printables,

My 4 year old son hasn't learnt how to read yet so I created blank grocery lists so he can draw what he wants to, or you can cut out the different food words and paste them with a glue stick to create a grocery list.

blank grocery list

I saved the two different lists - lined and blank - two to a page for easier printing

printable grocery list

And here is a list of different food items you can cut out and have your kids paste to their own blank list.

grocery store printables

I bought my kids a huge package of pretend play food which they use often to play grocery store or restaurant.

pretend play grocery store food

And we also have a toy cash register, this one includes play food, a conveyor belt, microphone, grocery basket and play money.

grocery store cash register

And if your trying to teach you kindergartener to read check out these free printable sight words they can put together to make words. 

free printable sight words

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