Friday, June 23, 2017

Doozie Words

My daughter is nearly finished senior kindergarten for the summer and loves to try to read the bedtime stories at night, she had some activities at school to help her recognize common words she calls "Doozie words" I think they are also called sight words. Words that are used in most sentences like I, me, the, a, etc. So I created her a print out of Doozie words and some images for the more difficult words so she can put together her own sentences. 

free printable sight words

So you can just cut out the individual words and have the kids arrange them to make simple sentences.

free sight words to print

I also created them in pink and blue as my daughters favourite colour is pink and my sons favourite colour is blue and green

Here is another page of common "Doozie words" so you can make even more sentences. I also made them in pink and blue as well - as colour co-ordinating is always important. ;)

common sight words

Here is an example of some of the sentences you can make.

sight words printables

And I also created some harder word with the icons so young kids can recognize them.

kawaii word printables

sight word games

sight words

Here are some of the ones we cut out tonight

sight words for first grades

Lily decided I need to create number words so I added those along with 4 pages of animal pictures and words.

kids sight words

 Let me know if there is anything specific you were looking for and I will try to accommodate. 

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