Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2017 Calendars - Part 3

With 2017 just around the corner  I decided to create another round-up of more of  my favourite Free 2017 Calendar Printables

more free 2017 calendars

Grab this free printable 2017 year at a glance calendar from Wendaful for your planner

2017 free planner printables

I love the bright colours in this Free printable 2017 mini calendar from by Dawn Nicole

2017 mini calendar

This Free Princess 2017 Watercolor Calendar from Free Pretty Things for You is so adorable. 

free 2017 princess calendar

Free printable 2017 Calendar from All Free Designs

free printable 2017 calendar

Free printable 2017 desk calendar from My Fabuless Life

2017 desk calendar

Free printable 2017 hand lettered calendar from Clementine Creative

2017 free printable calendar

2017 customizable photo calendar from my fabuless life

2017 free custom photo calendar

You can print this modern 2017 glance out as a poster or in A4 size from pack ma home

2017 year at a glance

You can get this free calendar from Huckleberry Home with a new design header on each page, (you need to subscribe to get the free printables.)

free 2017 calendar

Free 2017 Calendar Printable in gold, black and white theme from Drawn to DIY

free 2017 poster calendar,

 watercolour theme 2017 calendar on one page from Pearodie

2017 watercolor calendar

Free 2017 Cupcake calendar download from the Cottage Market

free printable 2017 cupcake calendar

2017 3d calendar from a Piece of Rainbow 

2017 3d calendar

2017 printable calendar designed by Sara Woodrow

2017 printable calendar

This Watercolor Star Wars Calendar from The Cottage Market is beyond awesome!

2017 star wars calender

And if you are looking for 2018 calendars you can find them here:

2018 monthly vertical calendars

Or you can find all the calendars on my Pinterest board:

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Free 2017 Planner Printables

Every year I have the same goal: to be more organized I am still scatterbrained as ever but I'm trying and with that in mind I decided to gather up my favourite free printable planners in hopes of getting my act together this year.

free printable 2017 planner

I love all these free 2017 planner printables from Shining Mom including cover pages, personal info and contact pages, goal setting pages, and daily, weekly and monthly planner pages.

free 2017 planner

Get free planner printables from The Handmade Home including free calendars, inspirational quote pages, goals, birthday and anniversary reminders pages, and so much more. Available in A5 and full page sheets

free 2017 planner to print
    Get free printable A5 printables from PenGems including a 2017 overview, monthly and weekly planner pages and lined notes.

    2017 planner printables

    2017 calendar pages on one or two pages from Cornerstone Confessions

    free 2017 planner printables

    Get this 2017 planner including daily planner, monthly calendar, cover page, budgeting, meal planner, notes and more from The Organized Dream

    pretty 2017 planner

    You can get this free printable planner from Jessica Marie Design which goes from 2016 to July 2017 for signing up for her free email list.

    free school year planner

    Get a free monthly planner and planner stickers from Inspiration made Simple

    2017 monthly planner pages

    2017 free printable planner pages from Make your own Zone  which includes a weekly glance, monthly calendars, year at a glance, holiday list and planner page. 

    free 2017 weekly planner

    Free 2017 planner from the Home Printables  includes 2017 monthly plans, emergency contacts, goals, plans this week and grocery list. 

    free 2017 colorful planner

    The 2017 planner from pack ma home includes a cover, an annual calendar, a goals page, a notes page, a monthly planner, a weekly planner, a meals planner, a daily planner, notes, passwords, a birthdays calendar and a back cover

    2017 complete planner

    And you can find tons more free 2017 calendars on my Pinterest board:

    Thursday, December 8, 2016

    Ideas for Planning Reunions

    Ideas for Planning Reunions

    Planning a reunion does not have to be stressful. It doesn't matter if it is for family, friends, classmates, or other clubs. After you have figured out a date and a time that everyone invited is able to attend, decided a location that is central to all members, it's time to plan a menu to ensure all guest have plenty to eat and start considering activities and entertainment.


    Before you begin your menu planning, you need to know of any dietary restrictions of guests. The overall fare needs to include safe choices for those with allergies, such as peanut, dairy, or wheat, as well as those with illnesses, such as heart disease or diabetes. Throw in lifestyle choices, such as vegetarianism or a vegan diet, and you have many things to consider when creating a food plan. If the array of dietary needs gets to be too much to plan a cohesive menu, think about making the gathering a potluck, where everyone brings a dish of their own to share. This ensures that everyone will have at least one thing they are able to eat and enjoy at the event. Have special check boxes for sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and heart-healthy desserts to see what you may need to provide to ensure all guests get a sweet finish to their meals.


    Send out a survey with the invitations to get feedback on what everyone attending the reunion enjoys. Depending on the budget, this could mean a DJ, Karaoke, or a live band. If anyone is musically inclined on the list, have them bring their instruments, singing voice, or other artistic pursuits with them and put on a talent show. This alone could account for hours of entertainment at the reunion. If a few people live close to one another, have them create comedic skits to share with the rest of the guests to create memories for years to come after the event.


    In addition to traditional reunion games, create unique activities tailored to the personality of the attendees. For example, create a trivia game that encompasses tidbits from your senior class year for a school reunion, cultural history for a family gathering, or personal memories for a close group of friends. If you are hosting the get-together for a club or charity, ask trivia questions that revolve around the theme or subject the organization supports. Invest in fun props for annual reunions, such as photography backdrops and dress up accessories for picture mementos or custom cornhole boards to hold tournaments. Design these items to feature your family name, club logo, or senior class quote to use year after year.

    Make your next reunion is one for the memory books with these fun planning ideas.

    Tuesday, December 6, 2016

    How to Earn Money with DealSpotr

    I have to admit I was very skeptical when I joined DealSpotr through a recommendation from a fellow blogger as I haven't had much luck with rewards sites. I found Swagbucks takes way to much effort to earn anything at all.

    how to make money online

    But have been fairly happy with Dealspotr. Dealspotr is a fairly new website which brings all the latest and hottest deals and promo codes together in one spot.  And you don't have to worry about expired or broken links because deals are constantly validated by other consumers. You can search deals by your favourite category or store.
    And not only does it save you money you can also earn Amazon gift cards or get paid by Paypal just for sharing deals. Bloggers and Influencers can earn even more.

    You are given a referral code you can share on your blog or social media platforms and earn 20% of the points generated by all your referrals over the lifetime of their accounts.

    If you join using my link or promo code (MUSINGSOFANAVERAGEMOM) you earn an extra +5,000 points ($5 equivalent) when you complete your new user checklist and post your first valid deal.

    And you can earn another 15,000 points by achieving silver status:

    dealspotr review

    Which is super simple to get if you have your own blog, you just need to validate it through email and place a small button somewhere on your blog. Boom! you just earned $15!

    And if you earn gold status through writing your own review, validating deals and posting a deals widget you can earn 50,000 points (or $50) cash through paypal instead of Amazon giftcards.

    You can earn points for posting deals, validating deals and predicting which deals are going to be 'hot deals' You earn a bonus percentage based on your reputation - which increases when you validate and post accurate deals. I currently earn 10% bonus on everything I post, and the number of deals you can post increases as well.

    how to earn on dealspotr

    They also have daily checklist where you can earn extra points (usually 200) for performing different actions like following people, validating deals, adding your favourite interests and stores and more. And although 200 doesn't seem like a lot of points when considering you need 10,000 to receive a $10 Amazon card you also receive points (I get about 125) for posting or validating a deal.

    However, one of the requirements on occasion is to debunk broken links and I have had my links considered broken in error for someone to meet their requirements.

    how does dealspotr work

    I have found one simple way to post new deals is by signing up for deal notifications from major box stores - therefore when I receive an email form Carters, VistaPrint Canada, Zazzle, Shutterfly, etc. I can post the promo codes and screenshots on DealSpotr and earn points from them . Deals are posted frequently so you have to be quick to add a new deal and be credited for being the first to share it - or you can validate the same existing deal with screenshots and instructions.

    And you can find some of the latest deals I have shared here:

    What are your thoughts on Dealspotr?? And if you have any question feel free to follow me on DealSpotr on leave a question in the comments.

    Saturday, December 3, 2016

    Everything you Need for a Storks Party

    Everything you will need for a Storks (2016) Birthday Party or baby shower.

    Storks Birthday Party

    Storks movie birthday printables

    Free Printable Storks Cupcake Toppers from Living Locurto

    Storks baby shower

    Get free Storks activity pages from Rockin Mama including colouring pages, maze, word search

    Storks Movie activities

    Storks movie printables

    Storks printable activities

    Learn how to make Storks Marshmallow pops from Mom Endeavors

    Storks movie food

    You can get the tutorial to make these Storks inspired rice krispy treats from Jenny Cookies

    Storks Movie Birthday party ideas

    STORKS The Movie cake topper edible Birthday Party 

    storks 2016 party ideas

    and you can create your own TP pigeon with instructions from Red Ted Art

    storks movie 2016 activites

    Friday, December 2, 2016

    Free Storks Movie Bingo

    Free printable bingo from the Storks Movie:

    free printable storks movie bingo

    I created four different version of bingo cards

    free printable storks bingo

    I think the babies in this movie are so cute!

    storks bingo

    I saved them two different bingo cards to a page to make it easier to print. There are four different version in total.

    baby shower bingo

    storks movie bingo

    And here are the calling cards for the game. You can just cut them out and shuffle them.

    free storks movie bingo

    I saved everything to Dropbox - let me know if you have any problems. Enjoy ;)

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