Thursday, December 8, 2016

Ideas for Planning Reunions

Ideas for Planning Reunions

Planning a reunion does not have to be stressful. It doesn't matter if it is for family, friends, classmates, or other clubs. After you have figured out a date and a time that everyone invited is able to attend, decided a location that is central to all members, it's time to plan a menu to ensure all guest have plenty to eat and start considering activities and entertainment.


Before you begin your menu planning, you need to know of any dietary restrictions of guests. The overall fare needs to include safe choices for those with allergies, such as peanut, dairy, or wheat, as well as those with illnesses, such as heart disease or diabetes. Throw in lifestyle choices, such as vegetarianism or a vegan diet, and you have many things to consider when creating a food plan. If the array of dietary needs gets to be too much to plan a cohesive menu, think about making the gathering a potluck, where everyone brings a dish of their own to share. This ensures that everyone will have at least one thing they are able to eat and enjoy at the event. Have special check boxes for sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and heart-healthy desserts to see what you may need to provide to ensure all guests get a sweet finish to their meals.


Send out a survey with the invitations to get feedback on what everyone attending the reunion enjoys. Depending on the budget, this could mean a DJ, Karaoke, or a live band. If anyone is musically inclined on the list, have them bring their instruments, singing voice, or other artistic pursuits with them and put on a talent show. This alone could account for hours of entertainment at the reunion. If a few people live close to one another, have them create comedic skits to share with the rest of the guests to create memories for years to come after the event.


In addition to traditional reunion games, create unique activities tailored to the personality of the attendees. For example, create a trivia game that encompasses tidbits from your senior class year for a school reunion, cultural history for a family gathering, or personal memories for a close group of friends. If you are hosting the get-together for a club or charity, ask trivia questions that revolve around the theme or subject the organization supports. Invest in fun props for annual reunions, such as photography backdrops and dress up accessories for picture mementos or custom cornhole boards to hold tournaments. Design these items to feature your family name, club logo, or senior class quote to use year after year.

Make your next reunion is one for the memory books with these fun planning ideas.

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