Monday, December 12, 2022

2023 Complete Blog Planner

So organization is not my strong suit, to say the least probably part of my ADHD, so I always find to do lists and planners helpful - when I actually remember to use them, that is... So I created a Blog Planner to plan all my current and future posts, to do list, and lists of Affiliates and Passwords.  

Free 2023 Blog Planner Printable

I had intentions of creating several more pages for social media planner, and a 2023 calendar and sell for a nominal amount on Etsy - but hey it's me and I didn't finish half of them, so well good news for you, all the printables I created so far are free for you to download. But possibly not forever. 

Click on the link or photos to download for free. 

2023 Blog Planner Printable

Don't forget anything with this list of Blog To Do's, which you can check off as you complete

Blog To Do List free printable

Can't be the only one - who is always forgetting passwords, so here is a free password printable to keep everything organized and in one place. 

free pink password printable

I always have tons of blog ideas - I want to create in the future, and like to write them all down so I don't forget anything so here is a printable for all your Future Blog Post Ideas

Future Blog Post Ideas Printable

Lot's of Blogger's have multiple Affiliates, they use within their sidebars or link to in posts, so you can keep all your info on one page, much like your passwords. 

Printable Affiliate List

So I have multiple daily income streams, as I always believe it's better not to keep all your eggs in one basket. Here is a look at my personal income tracker, but I also created a blank one for you as well.

 Keep track of your Daily Income. I don't know how many columns most people would require so if you want something custom it will be 99 cents USD for a limited time through paypal. You can email me at or dm me on Facebook.

Daily Blog Income tracker

Weekly Blog Post List - With your daily blog post ideas, and a list of what to complete when creating and after posting your blog as well as a section for notes. 

Weekly Blog Post planner


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