Monday, November 14, 2022

2022 Gift Guide

 I sometimes say I have few talents in life besides marathon sleeping but choosing the perfect gift may also be one of my rare talents. I am so forgetful - forget names, and even have terrible facial recognition BUT picking out the perfect gift I excel at. For some reason when someone mentions they like something in passing whether as a hobby or perhaps at a store this goes into my memory bank - and 4 months later I remember your favourite brand of tea or what have you and you get a customized gift box. 

Now this is not everyone's talent so I am here to help. Nothing bothers me more than a last minute unthought out gift - I will take a $4 gift you put your heart into then a expensive piece of jewellery - any day. Well hell, I guess both would be nice 😉 but this is me - know your audience. So Here are some Gifts for Her she will actually appreciate. 

And for the man in your life - whether it be your bestie, boyfriends, husband, uncle, dad, grandpa brother or whomever I got you covered with the for Him Gift Guide

And for those with a favourite show, movie, video game or series - you can find tons of character themed gift guides here from Stranger Things, Baby Yoda or L.O.L's

And from Babies to Older Children - you can find all the top toy picks here with the 2022 Gift Guide for Children

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