Friday, November 19, 2021

Free Crochet Animal Hat Patterns

I love all the cute winter hats they have for kids - they are so adorable! So here is a round-up of my favourite animal themed crochet hat patterns you can make yourself - these also all tie up under the chin so they don't fall off easily which are great for younger kids.

Animal Hat Crochet Patterns

Crochet Llama Hat pattern from Repeat After Me

Llama hat crochet patterns

The Friendly Red Fox offers this cute Free Crochet Monkey Hat Pattern 

monkey hat crochet patterns

Hamster hat crochet pattern from Repeat Crafter Me

free animal hat crochet patterns

Elephant crochet baby hat free pattern from Jenny and Teddy

elephant baby crochet photo props

crochet sloth hat pattern from Repeat Crafter Me

sloth hat crochet pattern

Free Friendly Fox Crochet Pattern from the Friendly Red Fox

Crocheted Unicorn Hat with Flowers - free pattern from 5 Little Monsters

unicorn hat crochet pattern

Snowy Owl crochet hat pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

Bear Ear Flaps Hat - Free crochet pattern from Frogshmog

Penguin Hat crochet pattern from the Friendly Red Fox

penguin hat crochet pattern

Giraffe crochet hat - free pattern from Jenny and Teddy 

giraffe hat crochet pattern

Little Deer Hat - Free Crochet pattern from The Friendly Red Fox

Crochet Hippo Hat pattern from Repeat Crafter Me

Free Crochet Hat Pattern - Flamingo Style by the Friendly Red Fox 

Crochet panda hat free pattern from Jenny and Teddy

newborn animal hat crochet pattern

Free Crochet Little Pony Hat Pattern from the Friendly Red Fox

Sock Monkey crochet Hat Pattern from Hopeful Honey

Free dog hat crochet pattern from Loveable Loops - in three different sizes

Crochet giraffe hat pattern from Repeat After Me

Polar Bear Hat - Free Crochet Pattern from The Crochet Hut

The Callie Horse Hat: Free Crochet Pattern from the Unraveled Mitten

Frog Crochet Hat pattern from Repeat Crafter Me

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