Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Disney Pixar's Luca Circle Labels

 We have a movie night once a week in my house, and I always look at the new Family movies that just came out on Netflix, or Prime or Disney Plus+   So we will be watching Luca this evening 😊 my bf laughs as I probably enjoy the movies more than the kids but it's hard to get all  5 kids to watch 7 - 12 so I bribe them with chips or popcorn... C'mon there are worse things lol 

Disney Luca birthday Party

So for all those kids who want a Pixar Luca themed birthday (or special movie night) and all the parents who don't want to break the bank here are some free Luca inspired circle labels. And also a link to a free printable 10 page activity booklet. And if your looking for customized party supplies or gift idea's check out customized Luca swag. 

Pixar Luca Birthday Party

Disney Luca free birthday printables

Get this free printable Activity pack from Mama Likes This with 10 free activity and coloring pages

Disney Luca free printables

And you can personalize your own Luca Birthday Party Supplies

Disney Luca Party

Disney Luca Birthday shirt

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