Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Free Printable Friday the 13th Invitations

 So since it's Halloween it a couple weeks I decided to switch up my usual Disney printables for some Horror movie printables instead. I am a bit of a scardy cat when it comes to Horror movies, and it probably doesn't help my boyfriend thinks it hilarious to hide and jump out at me because I scare easily and jump like a foot in the air but I have seen most of the Friday the 13th movies, so for all the fans here are some free printable invitations and cupcake toppers great for a Jason themed party or just a watch party. 

Free Friday the 13th invitations

So I created a 5 by 7 Invitation; You can download and edit online. 

Free printable Friday the 13th invitations

Or you can print them out two on a page and write in all your details by hand. 

Free printable Jason invitations

I also created some matching circle labels you can use as table confetti, cupcake toppers, paper cup stickers or whatever else your creative mind thinks of. 

Free printable Friday the 13th party printables

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