Friday, July 24, 2020

Thank You Berry Much

 I am trying to add more income streams as this blog barely covers my grocery bill for a week (note: their are seven hungry people in my family) so started a Zazzle Shop but I can't stop offering free printables because well frugal people like myself love freebies! So instead I thought I would create matching products that can't be printed like paper plates, napkins, wrapping paper etc. So I designed some free cheerful summery strawberry thank you cards and circle labels to share with you. 

You can download the Thank You Berry Much card below from Dropbox without my website just there to show for when people save the image only and don't link back. 

strawberry thank you cards

I also created circle labels as well can be used as cupcake toppers, as gift tags for presents, as stickers, or whatever your creative mind thinks of!

And you can find all the matching party supplies and gift wrap items on Zazzle

Also if you want any customized product message me on facebook: Think I am going to turn the comments off soon as I am getting slammed with spam messages unfortunately. 

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