Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Free Sesame Street Crochet Patterns

Free Sesame Street Crochet Patterns

free sesame street crochet patterns

Mini Crochet Elmo from Stuff Susie Made

baby Elmo pattern found on Ravelry

free elmo crochet patterns

Elmo pattern by Maggie Vassie

Elmo Hat Crochet Pattern from Ami Amour

Elmo inspired hat from Hopeful Honey

Elmo crochet booties from Hopeful Honey

Cookie Monster pattern from Craftster Community

Cookie Monster Crochet Hat from Ami Amour

Cookie Monster hat from Hopeful Honey

Cookie Monster baby bootie pattern from Krawka

Oscar the Grouch and trash can from Emmy Faranda

Oscar the Grouch Hat from Ami Amour

Big Bird pattern by Sammy Loch

Grover monster hand puppet from Natasha Birch

Grover Hat Pattern - free Download

Sesame Street Characters by Make a Paper Boat

Abby Cadabby pattern from the Craft frog

Snuffleupagus "snuffy" from Sammy Loch

Sesame Street Glasses holder pattern from Craftster Community

Sesame Street Alien puppet by Tracy Anne

Make the Yip Yips with this free pattern from Carissa Browning

Here is another Yip Yup pattern from WikiHow

And you can find hundreds more free crochet patterns here

all free crochet patterns

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