Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Watercolor Animal Mother's Day Cards

Mother's Day is coming up so I decided to create some adorably cute cards for you mom, or grandma or mother-in-law, or whomever that special mom in your life is.

free printable mother's day cards

And I am usually indecisive which in turn means more options for you LOL

So I created several different options and you can either type your message at the bottom in a photo editing software like PicMonkey (even Paint should work) If you aren't able to see your mom in person this year you can just save the image, edit it if you like and email it as an ecard, an example is shown below.

Or you can write a personal message on the bottom or inside, and mail the card. Click on the bold text of the option you want to download it free from DropBox

happy mothers day images

Giraffe - foldable version. This is meant to be print on a standard 8 by 11" paper and folded in hjalf although you could resize it to be smaller. 

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