Thursday, October 10, 2019

Candy Corn Invitations

So I created a DIY pink candy corn banner, and decided I loved the idea of pink candy corn, so I decided to create some matching invitations. 

candy corn invitations

Here is an example of one completed; You can download a blank version and edit it in Pic Monkey, that's where I created them and you can find the matching fonts. 

free candy corn invitations

Here is a blank version, you could also print it and fill it out by hand if you don't have a photo editing program. 

free printable candy corn invitations

And just in case you wanted to use the invitations for a birthday or another kind of party I made more generic ones

pink candy corn printables

And here is a lined version if you want to fill it in by hand. 

I had fun making them so I hope you enjoy 😀

And here is a matching DIY candy corn banner with free template, you can use whatever phrase you want

candy corn decorations

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