Monday, June 24, 2019

Canada Day games for Kids

Canada Day is right around the corner and I was looking for some simple activities for the kids. I didn't find too many so decided to create a few of my own. 

Canadian animals matching game

I created a couple pages of animals you would find in Canada. 

Canadian activities

canada day activities for kids

You can print out the cards, and I suggest gluing them to (red or white) construction paper so they aren't see through, you could also use scrapbook paper if you have any on hand.

Canada day printable activities

Then cut out all the cards.

Canada Day kids activities

Flip them over and line them up all face down and have kids take turns trying to find a match. If they get a match they get to go again.

Canada Day kids activities

For smaller kids you can print out just one sheet - two times, and for older kids you can print out both sheets twice. 

For another variation after you finish matching the cards, you can deal out five cards each, put the remaining cards in a pile face down and play go fish. 

And once you're done you can play Pin the Tail on the Beaver


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