Friday, June 28, 2019

Printable Canada Day Activities for Kids

Sometimes it hard to find a ton of Canada Day Activities compared to Independance Day probably due to the difference in population so here is a round up of 19 free printable Canada Day Activities for Kids, and well I'm printing out the curling game for myself. 

Get Canadian Woodland printables from CBC

Free Canadian bingo from Living Life and Learning

Beaver paper crown from Artsy Craftsy Mom

Free Canada Day colouring page from Whimsical Publishing

Free Canadian I Spy Game from Living Life and Learning

Get a free printable map of Canada puzzle from CBC

Play the fur trade game when you sign up for a free membership with the Canadian Homeschooler

Canadian Animal Paper bag puppets from CBC

Make your own Canada Day printable Wands from Projects with Kids

Canadian Flags I Spy game from And Next Comes L

Canada Day colouring page from ColoringHome

Canadian Themed I spy game from And Next Comes L

Make your own Canada Day pinwheel with template from DLTK Kids

Get free printable to celebrate Canada day from The Printing House Blog

Get Canada Day creative activities from the Imagination Box

Make your own table top curling game with printables from CBC

Pin the Tail on the Beaver

Looking for some simple Canada Day Activities I decided to create a few of my own like the classic pin the tail on the beaver.

So just print out a tailless beaver

I also created one without words

and kids (or adults) can write their names on the tails and try to get them the closest while blind folded. 

And when you're done you can play this Canadian Animal matching game.

Canadian animals matching game

Monday, June 24, 2019

Canada Day games for Kids

Canada Day is right around the corner and I was looking for some simple activities for the kids. I didn't find too many so decided to create a few of my own. 

Canadian animals matching game

I created a couple pages of animals you would find in Canada. 

Canadian activities

canada day activities for kids

You can print out the cards, and I suggest gluing them to (red or white) construction paper so they aren't see through, you could also use scrapbook paper if you have any on hand.

Canada day printable activities

Then cut out all the cards.

Canada Day kids activities

Flip them over and line them up all face down and have kids take turns trying to find a match. If they get a match they get to go again.

Canada Day kids activities

For smaller kids you can print out just one sheet - two times, and for older kids you can print out both sheets twice. 

For another variation after you finish matching the cards, you can deal out five cards each, put the remaining cards in a pile face down and play go fish. 

And once you're done you can play Pin the Tail on the Beaver

Sunday, June 23, 2019

llama printables

I found so many amazing free llama printables while I was creating a llama birthday round-up that I just couldn't help but share. 

free llama printables

Get free llama printable cards from lovilee

llama printable cards

Get this free llama papertoy from faltmanufaktur 

Get free llama pencil holder wrap printables from hooray today

Get free llama seamless paper and clipart from free pretty things for you

Get printable llama clothespin puppets from Inspiration made Simple

Get this uni corn llama colouring page from leideedellaval

Get three free DIY llama notebook printables from mom collaborative

Get llama with heart glasses stickers from mom collaborative

Get free llama Christmas card from EaudeCollage

Calendar & Planner Printables

Get free cactus and llama planner printables from Planner Onelove

Get free llama planner inserts and clips from mom envy

Free printable 2019 Kawaii llama calendar from Cottage market

Get free Pajama Llama printable planner stickers from Vintage Glam Studio

free llama planner stickers

Llama Wall Art

Get free llama party printables from lovilee

llama party printables

Get this free No Probllama printable art from Busy Being Jennifer

llama wall art

Get these adorable llama nursery printables - set of 4 free from Mom Cololaborative

llama nursery

Get  this free no prob llama printable from leideedellaval 

free printable llama art

These free Llama 'nursery' prints from Mandy's Party Printables would make cute decorations

free printable llama wall art

Free llama printable Art from Decor Hint

Get this llama welcome you to my pad free printable from Tauni Everett

llama free printables

Get this Alpaca Hug pillow from Amazon

Free Llama Birthday Printables

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