Monday, October 8, 2018

Halloween Invitation

Looking at all the colorful Halloween decorations on Pinterest I love that not everything has to use the traditional colours of orange and black for Halloween so I decided to create some pink batty Halloween invitations, and matching cupcake toppers.

free editable halloween invitations

You can download the free blank batty invitation and edit it in PicMonkey or another photo editing software.

pink halloween invitations

 I used League Gothic font in colour 8e1407

Here's an example of how it could look  when you edit it with your own information. 

Or if you'd prefer to write in the information by hand you can print this free lined version.

free printable pink halloween invitations

And I loved the pink and grey so I made matching cupcake toppers.

You can cut them out attach them to a toothpick for cupcake toppers, I adhere them to paper cups and also paper bags for treat bags to send home with the kids.

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