Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Thanksgiving Invitations

So I seen some bright and colorful Thanksgiving landscapes and it inspired me to create these pretty watercolour Thanksgiving dinner invitations.

free editable thanksgiving invitations

I create three different colors and you can print them on 5 by 7 paper.

So here is just an example of how you can fill in the personal information on the bottom.

free editable thanksgiving invitations to print

You can edit it with Montserrat font in PicMonkey using capital letters, centering the text and using around size 40 font. 

Or you can find the font free from Font Squirell install it on your computer and edit using almost any editing program.

free colorful thanksgiving invitations

Free colorful invitations for Thanksgiving

Or you can download Join Me for dinner as let's face it we aren't all in a relationship. 

free printable pastel Thanksgiving invitations

And I also created a purpley version as well. 

I hope you enjoy them 😊

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