Saturday, September 8, 2018

Grizzly and the Lemmings invitations

My kids came home on day and told me they wanted to watch the bear and the lemmings, I had no idea what they were talking about! But after some searching I found the Grizzly and the Lemmings episodes on YouTube and have to say I actually enjoyed the show, which isn't always the case with children's cartoons.

free Grizzly and Lemming printables

So I decided to create Grizzly and the Lemmings party invitations. There are six different styles int total, and you can find the first three here. 

free Grizzly and Lemming birthday printables

free Grizzly and Lemming party printables

Grizzly and Lemmings birthday

And I had to include the partying lemmings: Grizzly Invite 3

I saved them two on a page to Dropbox for easier printing. 

Grizzly and Lemmings birthday ideas
Click on the text under each image to be brought to the link where you can download the invitations and print them for free. 

And you can find another three Grizzly and the Lemmings designs here

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  1. Thank you for being the only place i could find Grizzy invites. My 4yo loves Grizzy but not much stuff for parties here in Aust. So thank you :)


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