Wednesday, July 4, 2018

99 Summer Activities

Today was the last day of school Yay! No more making lunches, although I still have to get the kids up in ready in the morning, why can't there be summers from work?

So I decided to create a list of 99 Summer Ideas with links to even more ideas so you won't run out of fun things to do or here the dreaded "I'm bored" muttered from your childrens lips.

1. Have a beach day

2. Sidewalk chalk fun - obstacle course, spray paint make your own, etc.

3. Dig for treasure in the sandbox

4. Go to a park across town you've never been too

5. Go for a bike ride

6. Play tennis, soccer, badminton or basketball

7. make bubbles

8. plant a garden

9. nature scavenger hunt

10. Have a water gun fight, make chalk targets on the fence

11. Be a tourist and check out an attraction in your own city you've never been to like a museum or an art gallery

12. Have a lemonade stand and you can find tons of free Lemonade printables here

13. Make a summer scrap book

14.  Play skipping hula hoop or that swing step thing

15. run through the sprinkler

16. Make an outdoor science experiment

17. Host a toy or clothing swap

18. Go bowling

19. Have a staycation - go camping in the backyard, make smores

20. Play oversized games: bowling, large jenga, yahtzee

21. Have a campfire - tell ghost stories

22. Check out Library activities

23. Go hiking or geocaching

24. picnic at the park (or in the back yard)

25. Fly kites

26. Play bingo! You can find free printable bingo cards here - in 13 different themes.

27. make frozen treats

28. Have a BBQ - invite friends

29. Go fishing

30. Have a pajama day and movie marathon on a rainy day

31. Play hide and go seek

32. Make paper boats and sail them

33. Make a treasure hunt with clues

34. Attend a movie or concert in the park

35. Build an outdoor fort

36. Have a family game night - here are some of our favourite board games

37. Or you can print out one of these 13 different boardgames for free!

38. slip and slide

39. Have a dance party or play just dance

40. collect bugs, have an ant farm

41. Go rollerblading

42. Make a sand castle or an entire sand village

43. rainy day ideas - make a house or car out of cardboard boxes

44. Go to a farmers market

45. Celebrate a weird holiday

46. Go for a walk pick and identify wildflowers

47. Go to a pet store

48. Have a spa day - paint your nails, do hairstyles, dress up

49. Play Pretend play - you can find 10 different pretend play kits I created here

50. put on your bathing suits and play in the rain

51. have a photo scavenger hunt

52. Get a free tour - fire department or local factory

53. Clean up a local park or street

54. Dry flowers

55. Play grounder, tag, 5 squares, red rover or dodge ball

56. Get some stale bread and feed the ducks

57. theme activities - Moana, Cars, Coco, Octonauts, Minecraft, Shimmer and Shine

58. Send a card to someone just because

59. Have a My Life or American girl doll day - you can find find over 100 free printables for you dolls including holiday, food, school, camp and business printables

60. Make your own race track out of masking tape and paper towel rolls

61.make fossils in the sand box

62. Make decorations for your room or house

63. Play baseball or go to a batting cage

64. have a water balloon fight

65. Play card games: cribbage, frustration, double solitare aka skipbo, uno, go fish, crazy eights

66. "car wash" put bathing suits on and wash the car or toy cars

67. Pick berries - go blueberry picking or find a pick your own strawberries farm near you

68. craft days at a local craft store

69. Have a teddy bear birthday party

70. Get ice cream

71. play jacks, marbles or pogos

72. Play frisbee or learn how to play ultimate frisbee

73. Play boccee ball

74. collect and paint rocks

75. Play touch football

76. Play kick the can

77. Make your own alphabet book - get a notebook and draw pictures or cut pictures out of a magazine for each letter

78. Play mini putt

80. Read a book

81. or write your own story

82. volunteer, do a random act of kindness

83. take a free local class: yoga or zumba in the park for example

84. Have a play date

85. Go puddle jumping after a rain storm

86. make jewelry

87.  Make a bicycle obstacle course

88. Make a map of the backyard - hide a treasure

89. make crafts out of recycling

90. play with balloons

91. make paper masks

92. Learn to draw.

94. Create a play or puppet show

95. Play horseshoes

96. Go to a drop in center

97. Check out a local farm, petting zoo or zoo in your area.

98. Make your own ice cream

99. Do one thing for the environment

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