Monday, April 9, 2018

Pretend Play Money

My kids love pretend play and especially anything involving money so I create a round-up of free printable money, cheques and credit cards.

free printable play money

here is some free adorable money I found from Miss Tina. 

play money to print

play money images
Get Free Hello Kitty money from HaleGrafx

printable play money sheets

Get free printable money and wallet from Kids Activities Blog

printable play coins

Get free printable play money from Hub Pages

play money for kids

Get free printable Despicable Me Minions money from HaleGrafx

printable money for classroom

As per reader comment - Minecraft Money from Halegrafx

Get free printable cupcake money from Mockeri

funny money play

Get free printable flower fairy play money and cards from the DIY Mommy

printable money

Get free Tsum Tsum printable money from Halegrafx

free printable cartoon money

money for dramatic play

Get free Star Wars Empire printable play money from HaleGrafx

printable money sheet

Get printable fun bucks from Mother's Niche

printable play money

Get Angry birds printable Play money from Mobile Home Money

printable fun money

Get free pretend play cheques from PreKinders

printable cheques for play

Get Pretend Play credit cards from kids can Have Fun 

pretend play credit cards


  1. i need minecraft fake money please

    1. Sorry for the delay, I provided a link above to Minecraft pretend money. Cheers

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