Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Business Printables for 18" Dolls

Lily's favourite current toys is her My Life dolls, and she always asks me to print her out crafts and activities so I created a round-up of 18" Doll "Business printables including cafe, restaurant, vet, ice cream truck, concert and more! 

American girls business printables

The My Life Dolls are the same size as American girls so these will also work for AG dolls. 

Get Starbucks Cafe printables from American Girl Ideas

American Girl cafe printables

Get Build a Bear printables from American Girl

Get Doll Spa printables from Doll Diaries

Get Kanani's Shaved Ice stand printables from American Girl Ideas

American girl store printables

Get Grace's bakery menu printable from Fun with AG Fan or printable business cards

Get Grace's Bakery printables from American Girl Ideas

Free American Girl printables

Get free printable shopping bags from SoSewSuziAmericanGirlDollClothes

Get a Jukebox and 50's decorations from Doll Diaries

Free My Life printables

Make your own American Girl Diner with free printable paper hats, guest checks, paper food trays and menus from American Girl Ideas

Free My Girl Restaurant printables

Get free printable Bonjour Paris Bistro Menu from Lee & Pearl

Or get more Paris inspired menus from American Girl Ideas 

Free American Girl menus

Make your own Unicorn Cafe with free printables from Brandy's Happy Home including marquee sign, menus, and guest checks and printable unicorn headbands for your child and their doll. 

Free 18" doll printables

Set up your own lemonade stand with free printables from Doll Diaries

Get free printable Tenney concert posters and admission tickets printables from Brandy's Happy Home

American Girl printable activities

Get free Talent Show printables from Doll Diaries

Get free icecream truck printables from American Girl Ideas

American Girl Ideas printables

Get Kit's reporter set from American Girl Ideas inclusing photographs and newspaper

Make a Doll pet hospital with printables from American Girl Ideas including vet sheet printables and x-rays

American Girl 2018

Make DIY Gift Cards and stand with free printables from American Girl Ideas


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