Friday, December 29, 2017

Pretend Play Restuarant

I created Lily Beauty Salon printables a couple days ago and asked her what she wanted next - she said Wendy's?  Lol okay so I interpreted that as a restaurant. 

free restaurant printables

I created a restaurant sign, menu, money, and checks to write down orders on.

free restaurant pretend play printables

Restaurant sign - where kids can write their own name - Dylan is so proud he can write his name now! 

free kids restaurant printables

Or you can write it for them.

free printable play menu

Lily asked for a page with different food so I created a menu with pictures and prices.

free printable pretend play menu

Here is the front of the menu, so I printed it doubled sided. 

printable play menu

I get confused sometime so usually draw a little arrow in the bottom right corner to try to figure out which way to print it on the back side. 

It was slightly see through so I am going to buy some thicker grade computer paper (when its not  -30 degrees below Celsius and my car actually starts...)

I created some waitress pads so the kids could take the customer orders.

restaurant pretend play

restaurant pretend play printables

I attached them together with a paperclip.

Lily is in grade one so she can write words down if she is helped with the spelling of them and at 4 Dylan drew pictures of the menu items and added the prices. 

They used basic math to figure out the totals and took turns being the customer. 

And I created some emoji inspired money to go along with it

free pretend play emoji money

free printable emoji money

free emoji money

I also designed Kawai money and Batman money if you would prefer. 

Hope you and your family enjoy it too!


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