Saturday, September 9, 2017

Nightmare Before Christmas Actvities

Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas has to be a Halloween classic so I decided to create a round-up of free papercrafts and printable activities including the free bingo I created. 

Nightmare before christmas printables

Get this Jack Skellington cube craft printable from Raza5

Jack Skellington papercraft

The Nightmare Before Christmas Photo props

Get this free printable Jack flash light cover to make your own shadow puppet

Nightmare before Christmas activities

Oogie Bingo Boogie - movie scene bingo printable from D23 

Find more than 30 free Nightmare before Christmas coloring pages here

Nightmare before christmas colouring pages

Get this Zero Cupecraft printable from ShonadH01 on Deviant Art

Nightmare before christmas printable crafts

Sally paper craft

Nightmare before Christmas - free printable Bingo

Nightmare Before Christmas games

Get this Oogie Boogie Cbpe craft free printable from Melopruppo on Deviant Art

Nightmare before christmas papercube

Get Lock, Shock and Barrel Pumpkin Stencils from D23

Make your own snowflake that Jack cut in the movie with a free printable template from DIY NBC props

Nightmare before christmas snowflake

Get this Pumpkin King Cupcecraft from Shonadh01

And you can also get SallyBarrelLockShockDr. Finklestein and Behemoth papercraft cubes as well.

Nightmare before christmas papercrafts printables

Make your own Ghastly Good Notebook covers with free printables

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