Monday, July 17, 2017

Spiderman and the Hulk Craft

So my kids are still on our toilet paper character kick so we made Spiderman and Hulk this week. Dylan kept asking for what sounded like Hawk so I thought he meant Hawk Eye but he kept telling me he has no shirt so he seen him on my computer so we eventually got that figured out

Spiderman craft

So you will need:
- green, black, purple and blue construction paper (we used green felt because I had some in the house)
- scissors, white glue or a glue stick
- two empty toilet paper rolls

Spiderman printables

So here is spiderman, he was really easy to create

spiderman craft for kids

Our first try I just printed out the eyes (and Dylan glued them on) but later decided I wanted the web pattern as well. So you can choose either option; glue the eyes on red construction paper or use the eyes and web pattern and wrap the top of the tube with it.

easy spiderman craft

Here's Hulk, Dylan wanted him to have black hair and purple shorts. I ripped the purple paper edges to give it that frayed looked and cut the bottom of the black paper in a choppy patter. 

hulk craft

Here is the Spiderman and Hulk template we used:

hulk printables
And here are our finished super heroes.

superheroes craft

And you can find all the toilet paper crafts we have created so far here:

toilet paper roll crafts

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  1. It is known that fans of a spiderman and a hulk are interested in the question: "Who Would Win In A Fight: Spiderman vs Hulk". I think it would be interesting to move this battle at the toilet paper level;)


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